Friday, December 29, 2017

Figures Friday: Champions in the Mid-Atlantic Area (1977)

A brief departure from Mike Simmerman's incredible collection of action figure photographs as we take a look at a few of our own in the "Mid-Atlantic Gateway Action Figures Collection."

Featured above are three legendary champions from 1977 representing the three top singles titles in the Mid-Atlantic area (set against the backdrop of Bob Caudle's Hall of Heroes induction plaque.)

Harley Race first won the NWA title in May of 1973 from Dory Funk, Jr. and then won it a second time defeating Dory's younger brother Terry in February of 1977.

Ric Flair would later win the NWA title in September 1981, but before his rise to the top of the mountain, he was a multi-time United States champion back when that title was recognized as the top title in the U.S. just below the NWA title. Flair first won the U.S. title in July of 1977 defeating Bobo Brazil, and later won the title from Ricky Steamboat in April 1978. He would hold the title on several more occasions.

Greg Valentine first won the Mid-Atlantic title in June of 1977 from Wahoo McDaniel, losing the tile back to Wahoo before winning it from the Chief a second time in September of 1977 in the famous TV match where he broke Wahoo's leg.

These three actually only overlapped with these three titles as featured in the photo above for 11 days in late July and early August of 1977.

The replica figures, robes, and belts evoke great memories of a great time in for Jim Crockett Promotions and Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling.

Next week it's back to Mike Simmerman's collection, but we will occasionally sneak a few of ours in, too.

Happy New Year!