Monday, December 18, 2017

Wahoo McDaniel: Missing in Action (Part 3)

by David Chappell
Mid-Atlantic Gateway

Catch up on what you missed earlier:

And now the saga of Wahoo McDaniel missing in action in Charlotte continues to unfold:

As David Crockett, Greg Valentine and Bob Caudle continued to view the film of Ric Flair and Tiger Conway battling in the ring, everything seemed to stop in its place while the crowd erupted for some unknown reason. Then the camera panned to a familiar face approaching ringside, covered in blood! Crockett exclaimed, “Ah ha! It looks like Wahoo! That’s right, that’s Wahoo McDaniel!”

Clearly flustered, a bellicose Valentine hollered, “Now, this is completely unfair!” Crockett responded, “Why is it unfair, he was supposed to be in the match!?” The “Hammer” elaborated, “But Ric Flair was wrestling Tiger Conway and Wahoo McDaniel comes in from behind and starts beating on Ric Flair…this is completely unfair!” Crockett pressed his luck yelling, “No it isn’t!”

The film then showed a sequence of the bloody McDaniel in street clothes giving the “Nature Boy” quite a beat-down. Greg, becoming animated and more and more agitated, followed up, “There’s no way you should let a thing like this go on…look at that!” Becoming ever more confrontational Crockett shot back, “Tiger’s not wrestling Ric now, Tiger’s not wrestling Ric, so why shouldn’t Wahoo wrestle him? Tiger’s outside the ring!” Valentine countered, “That just shows you what kind of man Wahoo McDaniel is.”

Valentine, who had successfully defended his Mid-Atlantic Television Title in the previous bout of the evening, got wind of what was going on in the ring and interjected himself in what was now the regularly scheduled matchup between Flair and Wahoo. David continued on towards Greg, “Now, you come into the ring…” The “Bionic Elbow” attempted to explain, “The reason I came into that ring…” At that juncture Crockett interrupted, and it drew a strong rebuke from Greg!

“WILL YOU SHUT UP,” Valentine hollered to David! Crockett relented and Greg explained, “The reason why I came into that ring is because Wahoo McDaniel got in there and jumped Ric Flair from behind…that’s the only reason I came in because my partner Ric Flair needed help, he had two men on one!” Crockett mustered up the nerve to speak again and commented, “Look at Wahoo…he’s a man possessed, he’s a man possessed! Now Wahoo was in there, Tiger wasn’t helping him.”

A seething Valentine retorted, “I can beat Wahoo by myself anytime, anywhere, in any arena.” On the film, both Valentine and Flair departed the ringside area prompting Crockett to say, “But now, both of you left the ring…why did you leave?” Greg countered, “We both left the ring because what had been done had been done…Wahoo, again, made a complete fool out of himself.”

Now the ring announcer could be heard on the film saying the referee had declared the match a no decision, no contest finish. With there no longer being a match to describe on the film, Crockett asked the question everyone in Charlotte and now the Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling television audience wanted answered, “But why did Wahoo show up late, why did he show up late?” Caudle concurred, “I was gonna say, let’s pursue that for a moment David.”

Valentine paused…and his upcoming explanation for Wahoo’s showing up late was truly one for the ages!