Friday, February 23, 2018

Action Figures Friday: The UWF Championships

From top to bottom: the North American Heavyweight Championship, The UWF Heavyweight Championship,
The UWF Television Championship, and the UWF Tag team championships. Select action figures represent
some of the wrestlers who held those titles. (Jeff Jewett photo.)

Back on Friday, February 2, "Action Figures Friday" presented an amazing display by collector Jeff Jewett of the mid-1980s "Dusty-era" replica championship belts and action figures. These included the United States championships, NWA World TV title, World Tag Team titles, and many others.

This week, Jeff presents a look at his replicas of the Mid-South and Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF) championship belts along with custom action figure representations of some of the champions that wore those title belts around the time of the Crockett acquisition of the UWF.

Along with the UWF titles, these include the North American Heavyweight title used earlier in the 1980s during the final years of the Mid-South Championship Wrestling era, before Bill Watts changed the name of the company to the Universal Wrestling Federation. Also included is the Mid-South TV Championship medal that was defended during the 1980s Mid-South era.

An outstanding presentation of replica title belts and custom action figures! Thanks to our friend Jeff Jewett for sending us the photos.

And don't miss Jeff's amazing display of the Crockett NWA championships presented earlier this month on "Action Figures Friday."