Thursday, February 01, 2018

Wrestle Art: Orlando (1970)

  curated by Dick Bourne, Mid-Atlantic Gateway

I've always enjoyed the various wrestler artwork that appeared in various ads for wrestling around the country. I've decided to display some examples of those from time to time here on the Gateway.

Here is one of my favorites. The Orlando, Florida ads in the 1970s featured this unique, eye-cathcing design at the top of a vertical newspaper ad. It features one wrestler applying a top wrist lock to another.

Here also, I've kept the main event, the definitive feud of the 1970s - - Dory Funk, Jr. vs. Jack Brisco. In this case, its August 10, 1970 and Funk is defending the NWA title.

Special thanks to Mark Eastridge for access to his unmatched collection of wrestling clippings from all over the country going back decades. I look forward to sharing more Wrestle Art in future posts.