Monday, February 19, 2018

Strange Goings On in Greensboro (Part 4)

by David Chappell
Mid-Atlantic Gateway 

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As fans leaned close in to their television sets across the Mid-Atlantic area, David Crockett seemed to draw out the suspense to its maximum extent as he slowly read the contents of the telegram from NWA President Bob Geigel. Crockett pronounced, "After viewing the film of the match, it is my decision that the National Wrestling Alliance Tag Team Title should be returned to Baron von Raschke and Greg Valentine...Bob Geigel, President."

A collective audible gasp could be heard from the studio audience, followed by loud hysterical laughter from the Baron. A joyful Valentine exclaimed to Jones, "Give the belt over!" Crockett looked at a completely floored Paul Jones clutching his belt and empathetically said, "I'm sorry, but you have to give it back to them." Caudle confirmed, "That's the ruling, Paul."

Jones then went from stunned to irate almost simultaneously telling Caudle, "Bob, I wish I could say what I wanna say right now on TV. But this goes to show exactly just how low these two men are, and they don't deserve these belts!" At that moment the good guys tersely relinquished their straps to the villains, nearly sparking a fight right on the TV set in the process.

After taking a hold of his belt, Valentine taunted Steamboat referencing an issue the two had recently regarding Greg's 1000 silver dollar challenge by saying, "I'll tell you one thing else Steamboat, you little creep, you're gonna give me back that $1,000 or I'm gonna give a thousand blows to your slant eyed face, you understand that?!" Ricky responded to that crude comment, "Let me tell you something Valentine, I've told you before on television anytime, any place...that $1,000 on each match or those World Tag Team belts...we'll be waiting and ready! You just showed what kind of men you two guys are." Paul followed up loudly, "You haven't seen the last of us!"

As Jones and Steamboat stormed off the set, the Baron gleefully gloated, "THE WORLD CHAMPIONS!" And Greg then contended, "We just showed what kind of men they were. They CHEAT...the illegal man pinned me, and we have the proof!" Raschke then cackled, "We have our belts, we have our belts! We are the champions of the World!" Valentine added, "The true champions!"

Caudle reluctantly acknowledged, "David, they've got the belts back." Crockett answered, "Bob Geigel said that they are now the World Tag Team Champions again." Valentine chuckled in response, "No doubt in anybody's mind, huh?" Attempting to wrap up the segment, Caudle announced, "And there they are fans, once again the World Tag Team Champions." Wanting to continue to soak in the glory of their re-coronation as World Tag Team Champions, Valentine and Raschke were slow to exit the interview area. Crockett continued to nudge them off the stage admonishing them, "You've got what you wanted, and now you can leave."

The Baron had one more shot at the fans before he and Valentine departed saying, "Das richtig, we are the World Champions, and that is all the people need to know! World Champions!" Caudle concluded, "All right David, I tell you, that's a blow to the fans." Crockett concurred, "That is something I did not want to do."

At the end of the show, the now former World Tag Team Champions Paul Jones and Ricky Steamboat would return and they would address NWA President Bob Geigel's decision with their disappointed fans. What they said then and going forward in return matches against Valentine and Raschke would be quite say the very least!

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