Friday, March 16, 2018

Action Figures Friday: More Make Believe Gardens

Gene Kiniski figure
Photo by Barry Hatchet, Maple Leaf Wrestling Blog
Barry Hatchet has some very cool photos of his custom action figures over at Andrew Calvert's Maple Leaf Wrestling Blog. We featured a few earlier, and have included links below to many of the pages on the MLW blog that feature Barry's photos.

Many of these feature wrestlers from Jim Crockett Promotions, as the Tunney's booked much of their talent from late 1978 through 1983 from JCP.

Here is a cool look at the great Gene Kiniski (at right) who was NWA World Champion from 1966 through early 1969.

Check out these pages from the MLW blog with lots of cool photos of not only the figures, but of the "Make Believe Gardens" venue as well.

on the Maple Leaf Wrestling Blog