Saturday, March 03, 2018

"Doggone, I'm the greatest!"

"I am the greatest.
I'm just...doggone, I'm the greatest! And I love it!"
- Ric Flair

This is one of my favorite Ric Flair interviews ever, mainly for the finish. One of the reason Ric's interviews always worked is because he believed every word that came out of his mouth. And he made you believe, too.

Gordon Solie's reactions are priceless and perfect during this, too. Notice his almost blushing reaction when Ric says "That's right ladies; sixty minute man!"

And right after that, when Ric slaps the desk and says "Doggone, I'm the greatest! And I love it." Gordon just sort of cocks his head in amazement with a little smile. He knows it's true, too.

I loved it during these final years of the territory era where Ric would always mention opponents he would be getting ready to face in other places. In this interview he mentions Kerry Von Erich, the Midnight Rider, and Bruiser Brody in addition to Butch Reed and Paul Orndorf who he would be facing while on tour in Georgia and Ohio.

There was nobody better than the Nature Boy.