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Mid-Atlantic TV: January 23, 1982
Mid-Atlantic Wrestling
on the WWE Network
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
TV Summaries & Reviews
by David Taub
Mid-Atlantic Gateway Contributor

This is a review of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling as it appeared on the WWE Network. Results are included for the week (Monday-Sunday of the given week) as available. Please email with any corrections, typos, results, other details at

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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Original broadcast: 1/23/82
(taped 1/20/82 at WPCQ-TV studios in Charlotte)
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Bob Caudle and David Crockett open the show. Immediately, Sandy Scott joins them as both World tag team championship belts are on the desk. Scott announces the NWA executive committee stripped the Andersons of the title. The reason: because Ole has been causing a lot of problems and not living up to commitments. So much for the 30 days they head to defend that Scott announced last week. Logic gap #1. A worldwide tournament would be held, with local and regional winners.

Match 1
Austin Idol d. Vinnie Valentino
Tommy Young is your referee for the hour. Scott stays at the announcers' desk. Anyone can enter a tournament, as many tournaments as they want. Entry fee $1,000. Each tournament winner earns $25,000. Logic gap #2 of this tournament. Even if that it is $1,000 per man, at least 13 teams would have to enter for the tournament host to break even. I doubt any such tournament is that large. Crockett says we’ll have an announcement later from the president of the Unit….err NWA, Jim Crockett. Caudle and Crockett speculate who would Idol choose as his partner in the tournament. Idol is your winner with the Las Vegas Leglock. He still has a very pained look on his face.

Back to Caudle, Crockett and Sandy Scott who throw to a taped interview from the World Wide Wrestling set

—Int. w/Ken Conrad: Jim Crockett, Jr.
A young-looking Jim Crockett rehashes what Scott said. Ole & Gene are stripped, and a complicated (his words, not mine) tournament will take place. A lot of big names, like Stevens & Patterson, Stan Hansen will be a part.

Back to the announce desk. More names to enter — The Funk Brothers, the Brisco Brothers, WWF tag champs Adrian Adonis & Jesse Ventura. Yes, they did say WWF. They probably should have said AWA to be accurate.


Match 2
Jay Youngblood & Jake Roberts d. Chris Markoff & Ben Alexander
Piper joins Caudle on commentary. Youngblood & Roberts will be entrants in the World tag team tournament. Youngblood finishes off Alexander with a double sledge off the top rope.
David Crockett reads the Top 10 tag team list from Inside Wrestling magazine. Fuji & Saito, Gagne & Brunzell, Briscos, the Armstrongs, Duncum & Patera, JYD & Mike Graham (probably meant Mike George), and Gino Hernandez & Tully Branchard will be entering the tournament. (Yes, he flubbed Blanchard’s name). Piper grabs the magazine with a disgusted look on his face.


Match 3
Porkchop Cash d. Tony Russo
Cash will team with Leroy Brown in the tournament. Piper claims title to 1981 Wrestler of the Year. Caudle corrects him that it’s the most impactful wrestler of 1981, and Piper hasn’t been named the winner. Terry Taylor has gotten votes too. Cash wins with the flying headbutt.

—local promos w/ Big Bill Ward
Ward lets us know that wrestling will be returning to Ann Arbor in the future. Return? When were they there in the first place? Austin Idol comes in namedropping all the Mid-Atlantic stars. Idol says he’s the highest paid wrestler, more than Andre and others. Big John Studd is next, saying he hates rednecks.


—Int. w/Caudle: Ray Stevens & Johnny Weaver
Caudle gives Stevens credit for causing the World tag team title tournament. Stevens, then Weaver talk about the importance of the tournament. Both men are wearing suit and tie. We now go to a clip of Killer Khan (w/Freddie Blassie) beating on Victor Mercado from 8/22/81 WWF All-Star Wrestling. Brief reaction from Weaver and Stevens, and now to a clip of Stan Hansen defeating Luke Williams (not the same as the Bushwhacker) from the November Charlotte Parc Center taping.


—Int. w/Caudle: Ivan Koloff; Sgt. Slaughter & Pvt. Nelson; Ole Anderson & Gene Anderson
Rapid fire interview time. Ivan says it’s all about the American dollar. He has a black cowboy hat. Slaughter and Nelson and next. He would like to add the tag title. Ole & Gene are out. Ole is bitter, but vows to regain the title. He argues with Caudle, before Piper sort-of intervenes.
Magic blue intro for the next match


Match 4
Terry Taylor d. Steve Sybert
Ray Stevens commentates with Caudle for this match. Stevens putting over the tag tournament. Says he and Pat Patterson will enter the Greensboro tournament. Caudle still encourages fans to send in their nominee for 1981’s most impactful wrestler and provides the Charlotte address. Taylor gets the win with the abdominal stretch into a pin combination.


Match 5
Sgt. Slaughter & Pvt. Jim Nelson d. Mike Davis & Don Gilbert
Stevens remains on commentary, and more talk about the tournament. Nelson finishes off Gilbert with the Cobra Clutch. After the match, Slaughter applies the Cobra Clutch to Gilbert. Mulligan, Jr. stares them down and Slaughter & Nelson leave.

—Int. w/Caudle: Blackjack Mulligan & Blackjack Mulligan, Jr. & Ricky Steamboat
Steamboat talks about the tournament. The elder Mulligan says the prize money could buy plenty of cattle. Mulligan, Jr. looks forward to teaming with his dad.

“So long for now!”

House show results for the week after the jump...

Results for the week, 1/18/82-1/24/82 
(source: Clawmaster’s Archive via Sports and Wrestling blog posted by David Baker)

Mon., 1/18/82 Greenville, SC
Ole Anderson & Austin Idol beat Ray Stevens & Leroy Brown
Terry Gordy beat Michael Hayes
Terry Taylor beat The Ninja
Porkchop Cash beat Mike Miller

Tue., 1/19/82 Columbia, SC
Blackjack Mulligan, Sr. & Jr. vs. Sgt. Slaughter & Jim Nelson
The Ninja vs. Ray Stevens
Terry Gordy vs. Jake Roberts
Tim Horner vs. Tony Russo
Porkchop Cash vs. Bill White

Tue., 1/19/82 Raleigh, NC
Johnny Weaver d. Mike Miller
Jay Youngblood d. Carl Fergie in an Indian strap match
Terry Taylor d. Chris Makroff
Buddy Landell d. Billy Robinson
Jimmy Valiant & Leroy Brown DDQ Roddy Piper & Austin Idol
(Wrestling ‘82/Shedlock)

Wed., 1/20/82 Charlotte, NC(TV)
Austin Idol vs. Vinnie Valentino
Jay Youngblood & Jake Roberts vs. Chris Markoff & Ben Alexander
Porkchop Cash vs. Tony Russo
Terry Taylor vs. Steve Sybert
Sgt. Slaughter & Jim Nelson vs. Mike Davis & Don Gilbert

Thu., 1/21/82 Harrisonburg, VA
Sgt. Slaughter vs. Ricky Steamboat
Roddy Piper vs. Jake Roberts
Jay Youngblood & Johnny Weaver vs. Ox Baker & Carl Fergie

Fri., 1/22/82 Knoxville, TN (Flair/Mulligan promotion)
Ricky Steamboat vs. Roddy Piper
Kevin Sullivan vs. Austin Idol in a no DQ match
Jimmy Valiant vs. Ox Baker
Ivan Koloff vs. Ron Sexton

Fri., 1/22/82 Charleston, SC
The Ninja beat Ray Stevens in a bounty match
Cadillac Tournament including John Studd, Jake Roberts, Blackjack Mulligan, Jr., Terry Gordy, Carl Fergie, Don Kernodle, Jim Nelson, Chris Markoff, Tim Horner, Mike Davis, Vinnie Valentino, Steve Sybert
Blackjack Mulligan, Jr. beat John Studd in tournament final to win Cadillac

Fri., 1/22/82 Cincinnati, OH
NWA World Champion Ric Flair beat Dick Slater

Sat., 1/23/82 Spartanburg, SC
Ricky Steamboat beat Roddy Piper by DQ
Sgt. Slaughter beat Jake Roberts
Porkchop Cash & Mike Davis beat Ox Baker & Carl Fergie
Don Kernodle beat Mike Miller
Tim Horner beat Bill White

Sun., 1/24/82 Charlotte, NC
Tony Anthony d. Steve Sybert
Terry Taylor d. Chris Markoff
Leroy Brown & Porkchop Cash d. Ox Baker & Carl Fergie
Johnny Weaver d. Lord Alfred Hayes by CO
Blackjack Mulligan & Blackjack Mulligan, Jr. d. Sgt. Slaughter & Pvt. Nelson
NWA World Champion Ric Flair d. John Studd
(Wrestling ‘82/Shedlock)