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Mid-Atlantic TV Report: June 12, 1982

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
on the WWE Network
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
TV Summaries & Reviews
by David Taub
Mid-Atlantic Gateway Contributor

This is a review of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling as it appeared on the WWE Network. Results are included for the week (Monday-Sunday of the given week) as available. Please email with any corrections, typos, results, other details at Follow @TaubGVWire

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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Original broadcast: 6/12/82
(taped 6/08/82 at WPCQ-TV studios in Charlotte)
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Bob Caudle, with the August Green jacket special, opens the show, saying all the great stars will be here, including NEW United States Heavyweight champion, Sgt. Slaughter.

—Int. w/Caudle: Magnificent Muraco
Muraco warns Caudle not to call him Don. “The Prince of Darkness has returned.” Muraco rants on Wahoo McDaniel and yells at the fans. He says Wahoo is in the hospital. Jack Brisco comes out, and says he’s not fooling anyone. He’s why Wahoo lost. Muraco dismisses Brisco, and says Roddy Piper signed him to a six-figure contract. Things get physical. Brisco slaps Muraco and the latter agrees to a match. “You’re going down too, Indian!”

Caudle introduces the next match via blue screen (which is not quite working). Caudle introduces Slaughter’s opponent as David Patterson.


—Int. w/Bob Caudle: Sgt. Slaughter
Before the match, Caudle talks to Slaughter. He rants, saying he’s faced Wahoo in all kinds of matches. So, when they are scheduled for a boot camp match, he doesn’t show up. Caudle says Wahoo was injured, and because of the new NWA experimental rules that there had to be a winner, Slaughter took the title (no date or arena mentioned). Slaughter calls Wahoo yellow.

Match 1
Non-title: Sgt. Slaughter [US Champion] d. Steve Sybert
Blue-romper wearing Sonny Fargo is the referee for the hour. Sybert is wearing a mini-Andre the Giant black one-strap singlet. Caudle says Jake Roberts will be back soon after getting sprayed a few weeks ago by Ninja. Wahoo will be out of the hospital from his knee injury and back by the middle of next week. Sybert gets one bit of offense in. Slaughter wins with the Cobra Clutch.


Match 2
Non-title: Jack Brisco [Mid-Atlantic Champion] d. Magnificent Muraco by DQ. 
Brisco’s left knee is taped up. Muraco goes for that knee most of the match. Roddy Piper joins Caudle midway through the match. Caudle noticed this is the most subdued he’s ever seen Piper. Lots of Beach Bum chants. Lots of matwork. Muraco locks in the figure-four, but Brisco reverses. Piper comes off the top rope on Brisco’s head for the DQ. Piper tries to wallop Brisco with a chair. Brisco ducks and Piper hits the turnbuckle. The double team continues, until Jimmy Valiant and Paul Jones make the save.

—Int. w/Caudle: Pork Chop Cash & King Parsons
This is in lieu of local promos. Parsons said he was just sitting at home, when Pork Chop called and he said he need help. He did mention that two weeks ago, they won the title. Pork Chop says that Parsons has more moves than a bowl of Jello. They are the people’s champion. I did Pork Chop for some reason. Just had the unique look and rap.


Match 3
Non-title: Pork Chop Cash & King Parsons [Mid-Atlantic tag champions] d. The Monk & Petty Boy Fergie
Caudle says Jake Roberts is coming back after the Ninja spraying him. Greg Valentine is also coming back. The Monk obviously went to the same stylish as Ali Bey and the Vachon brothers. Where in the world did a monk gimmick work? Caudle is kind of struggling this match. He’s just going all over the place. So, I will note that I’m not sure when, but Mid-Atlantic added a third camera. Or, maybe I just never noticed it before. Caudle says Muraco has been fined for his actions earlier. The finish sees Parsons do his Rocky Johnson impression, with two dropkicks and an Ali shuffle, followed by a small package on Fergie for the win.


—Int. w/Caudle: Paul Jones; Jack Brisco
Jones talks about Mosca, saying it doesn’t bother him to interfere in his matches. Brisco is out, drenched in sweat. He talks smack on Muraco and Piper. Brisco brings out the dented chair that nearly knocked his head off. Brisco wants Piper in any type of match. Caudle notes Brisco’s leg didn’t suffer as much as it could.
Caudle introduces the next match via blue screen.


Match 4
Paul Jones d. Ken Timbs

Caudle desperately needed a broadcast partner this episode. He repeats the same news on Muraco, Roberts, Valentine and Wahoo. Jones finishes Timbs off with two football tackles, followed by the Indian death lock for the win.

—Int. w/Caudle: Kelly Kiniski & Mike Rotunda
This appears to be the in-lieu of local promo interview. Caudle talks to Kiniski & Rotundo about their six-man tag coming up. A rather dull babyface interview. Kiniski seems to get lost in places. Rotunda is glad the fans accepted him in the Mid-Atlantic conference. He gets lost in places too. Caudle is doing his best to lead them along. It looks like Rotundo is wearing a knock-off Starter jacket.

Match 5
Ivan Koloff & Angelo Mosca & The Ninja d. Mike Davis & Mike Rotundo & Kelly Kiniski
Mike Davis is the best interview of the babyface team, yet where was he in the last segment? Ninja sprays the ceremonial mist to start the match. Gene Anderson is absent again. No mention of him from Caudle. Mosca no sells a Rotundo dropkick. Koloff has a big bandage over his right eye. Caudle recapping how Slaughter won the U.S. title by default, the Piper-Brisco war. Koloff whips Davis into a chop from Ninja on the apron. Tag out to Mosco, who pins Davis after a big right hand to the head.

—Int. w/Caudle: Roddy Piper & Magnificent Muraco; Angelo Mosca & Ivan Koloff & Ninja
Piper: “I put Rich in the ditch!” He gloats about hurting Wahoo and Brisco. Muraco brags about the money Piper is paying him. He says he got “Five grand in Atlanta from some fat slob.” Piper & Muraco are being Hall of Fame obnoxious. Mosca is in. He gloats abut himself. He really does come off as a tough guy. He doesn’t like being called Ding Dong. Ninja is doing sword play in the foreground. Koloff says he is not a coward. He is still sour over the situation with Valiant from last week. He says Valiant tried to hurt him in a tag match, so he can take his TV title from him in a single match. Koloff is too smart for that.

“So long for now!”

* * * * * * * * *

Results for the week, 6/07/82-6/13/82
(source: Clawmaster’s Archive via Sports and Wrestling blog posted by David Baker; “Wrestling” newsletter by Joe Shedlock)

Mon., 6/07/82 Greenville, SC
Bill White beat Jim Dalton
Mike Rotundo beat Ben Alexander
King Parsons beat Carl Fergie
Terry Gibbs beat David Patterson
Sgt. Slaughter beat Wahoo McDaniel (injured by Don Muraco) by forfeit to United States championship
Sgt. Slaughter beat Don Muraco
Terry Gibbs won a battle royal

Tue., 6/08/82 St. Catherines, Ontario(TV)
Jimmy Valiant & Johnny Weaver beat Pvt. Nelson & Pvt. Kernodle
Pvt. Nelson & Pvt. Kernodle beat Ken Timbs & Nick DeCarlo
Pvt. Kernodle draw Johnny Weaver
Tony Parisi beat Pvt. Nelson
Tony Parisi beat Ken Timbs
Tony Parisi beat The Destroyer by DQ
The Destroyer beat Mike Davis
Kelly Kiniski beat Steve Sybert
Kelly Kiniski beat Ken Timbs
Johnny Weaver & Kelly Kiniski beat Ken Timbs & Steve Sybert
Gene Kiniski beat Mike Davis
Gene Kiniski beat Chris Jones & Nick DeCarlo in a handicap match
Mike Davis beat Alex Girard

Tue., 6/08/82 Columbia, SC  — Township Auditorium
Sgt. Slaughter beat Don Muraco
Don Muraco beat Angelo Mosca
King Parsons beat Gene Anderson
Mike Rotundo beat Jim Dalton
Ron Ritchie beat Bill White
Terry Gibbs beat Keith Larson

Tue. 6/08/82 Raleigh, NC — Raleigh Civic Center
Tim Horner beat Carl Fergie
David Patterson beat Ali Bey
Keith Larson beat Juan Reynosa
Ivan Koloff & The Ninja beat Paul Jones & Porkchop Cash
Jack Brisco beat Roddy Piper

Thu., 6/10/82 Sumter, SC
David Patterson beat Mike Moore
Ken Timbs beat Abe Jacobs
Bill White beat Terry Gibbs
Johnny Weaver beat Jim Dalton
Sgt. Slaughter beat Mike Rotundo (sub for Wahoo McDaniel)
Paul Jones beat Angelo Mosca

Fri., 6/11/82 Cincinnati, OH
Kelly Kiniski beat The Monk
Porkchop Cash beat Juan Reynosa
Roddy Piper beat Bob Armstrong in a Canadian lumberjack match
King Parsons beat Jim Dalton
Sgt. Slaughter beat Don Muraco

Sun., 6/13/82 Roanoke, VA
Sgt. Slaughter beat Jay Youngblood
Jack Brisco beat Roddy Piper
Jimmy Valiant beat Ninja
Angelo Mosca beat Ron Ritchie
Porkchop Cash & King Parsons beat Pvt. Kernodle & Pvt. Nelson
Terry Gibbs beat Jim Dalton

Sun., 6/13/82 Asheville, NC
Jack Brisco beat Roddy Piper
Jimmy Valiant, Jay Youngblood & Paul Jones beat Ivan Koloff, Angelo Mosca & Gene Anderson
Johnny Weaver beat Bill White
Kelly Kiniski beat Juan Reynosa
Mike Rotundo beat The Monk
Tim Horner beat David Patterson