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Mid-Atlantic TV Report: June 26, 1982

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
on the WWE Network
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
TV Summaries & Reviews
by David Taub
Mid-Atlantic Gateway Contributor

This is a review of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling as it appeared on the WWE Network. Results are included for the week (Monday-Sunday of the given week) as available. Please email with any corrections, typos, results, other details at Follow @TaubGVWire

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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Original broadcast: 6/26/82
(taped 6/23/82 at WPCQ-TV studios in Charlotte)
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-Int. w/Caudle: Jack Brisco & Ricky Steamboat
Brisco and the returning Steamboat speak with Caudle to open the show. Brisco says it is good to have Steamboat back from Japan. To help catch him up, we go to the video from two weeks ago, where Piper hurt Brisco’s knee. Steamboat says all the run ins happen because they are the best wrestlers. Steamboat says he’ll watch Jack’s back.


Match 1
Jack Brisco & Ricky Steamboat d. Matt Borne & Steve Sybert
The red-romper wearing Sonny Fargo is the referee for the hour. Easy match for Brisco & Steamboat. Brisco reverses a back suplex on Sybert, and in the midst tags in Steamboat. He comes off the top rope with a chop to the prone Sybert and scores the pin. (As a note, Borne just came from a run in Portland, losing to Buddy Rose in a chain match to settle their feud on June 15. And, on Portland TV, they said Rose & Rip Oliver “crippled” Borne in Seattle on June 16.)


Match 2
Jake Roberts d. Roddy Piper by DQ
Rick Steamboat joins Caudle on commentary. Piper is fighting dirty. He tears at Roberts’ bandages over his eye, reopening a previous cut. Roberts is bleeding slightly. Relatively slow-paced match. Piper is wearing my personal favorite tight design — the tartan. Boots are nearly matching. Roberts is engaging in a comeback when Sgt. Slaughter appears out of no where, and trips Roberts. Referee calls for the DQ. Piper is climbing the top rope, when Steamboat gets in the ring. Piper backs down and retreats.

-Int. w/Caudle: Pvt. Nelson & Pvt. Kernodle
The Privates are the new Mid-Atlantic tag team champions. Of course, no day or location of when they beat Cash & Parsons. Records indicate it happened 6/17/82 in Roanoke. Kernodle says Slaughter wanted the title back in June, and they made it happen. Nelson also puts the bad mouth to the returning Steamboat.


Match 3
Jimmy Valiant d. Bill White
Network edit jump cut goes right to the start of the match. Typical Boogie Woogie match. Valiant wins with the elbow smash.


-Int. w/Caudle: Sgt. Slaughter, The Privates, The Ninja, Roddy Piper
Slaughter tells The Privates to slick with Slaughter. He then dismisses them. Slaughter continues saying how the likes of Piper and Ninja needs to watch each other’s backs. Slaughter cedes the mic to Piper. He talks smack on Brisco and Steamboat. Ninja just paces back and forth with his sword.
Caudle introduces the next match via magic blue screen.


Match 4
Sgt. Slaughter & Pvt. Jim Nelson & Pvt. Don Kernodle d. Mike Rotundo & Kelly Kiniski & Mike Davis
FWIW, Kernodle is still clean shaven and with a full head of hair. Heels mostly in control. Davis misses a dropkick, and Slaughter finishes him with the clothesline for the win.

-Int. w/Caudle: Rotundo & Kiniski
This is in lieu of local promos. A blown up Kiniski praises Slaughter and The Privates for the just concluded match. He says he and Rotundo are tagging regularly. Rotundo also slightly praises the heels, but complains about their double teaming.


Match 5
Wahoo McDaniel & Jay Youngblood d. Ali Bey & Ken Timbs
Caudle points out what a great hour this has been. Maybe so. Seven hall of famers in the hour appeared. Funny, that Ali Bey is here. The Turk was around the last few weeks. Same gimmick! Highlight of the match is Wahoo blasting Bey with a hard chop. Youngblood wins after a chest chop to Timbs.

-Int. w/Caudle: Paul Jones; Jack Brisco
A subdued Jones is tired of Mosca smack talking him. Brisco is straight forward, saying he is ready for Piper.

“So long for now!”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Results for the week, 6/21/82-6/27/82 
(source: Clawmaster’s Archive via Sports and Wrestling blog posted by David Baker; “Wrestling” newsletter by Joe Shedlock)

Mon., 6/21/82 Greenville, SC — Township Auditorium
Jack Brisco beat Roddy Piper
The Ninja beat Paul Jones
Jake Roberts beat Gene Anderson
Pvt. Nelson & Pvt. Kernodle beat Porkchop Cash & King Parsons
Bill White beat Terry Gibbs
Ron Ritchie beat The Monk

Tue., 6/22/82 Raleigh, NC — Raleigh Civic Center
Jack Brisco beat Roddy Piper
Paul Jones beat The Ninja by DQ
Jim Dalton beat Keith Larson
Steve Sybert beat Terry Gibbs
Ron Ritchie beat Ali Bey
Pvt. Nelson & Pvt. Kernodle beat Pork Chop Cash & King Parsons

Tue., 6/22/82 Sumter, SC
Jimmy Valiant beat Sgt. Slaughter by DQ
Jake Roberts beat Ivan Koloff
Jay Youngblood beat Angelo Mosca
Mike Rotundo beat Dave Patterson
Mike Davis beat Ken Timbs
Tim Horner beat Juan Reynosa

Fri., 6/25/82 Charleston, SC — Charleston County Hall
Sgt. Slaughter beat Wahoo McDaniel
Jack Brisco no contest with Roddy Piper
Jimmy Valiant beat Ivan Koloff by countout
Mike Rotundo & Kelly Kiniski beat Steve Sybert & David Patterson
Matt Borne beat Mike Davis
Ali Bey beat Keith Larsen
Ron Richie beat Bill White

Sat., 6/26/82 Charlotte, NC
Jack Brisco beat Roddy Piper
Angelo Mosca beat Paul Jones
Jimmy Valiant beat The Ninja by DQ
Pvt. Nelson & Pvt. Kernodle beat King Parsons & Porkchop Cash
Juan Reynosa beat Terry Gibbs
Ron Ritchie beat The Monk
Tim Horner beat Ali Bey

Sun., 6/27/82 Asheville, NC
Jack Brisco beat NWA World Champion Ric Flair by DQ
Jimmy Valiant beat Ivan Koloff in a Russian chain match
Wahoo McDaniel beat Sgt. Slaughter
Jake Roberts & Paul Jones beat The Ninja & Gene Anderson
Ali Bey beat Terry Gibbs
Kelly Kiniski beat Juan Reynosa
Mike Rotundo beat Jim Dalton

Sun. 6/27/82 Toronto, Ontario (Maple Leaf Wrestling)
NWA World Champion Ric Flair beat Jack Brisco
Angelo Mosca beat Gene Kiniski in a Texas death match
Non-United States Heavyweight championship: Wahoo McDaniel beat Sgt Slaughter
Canadian TV championship tournament, 1st round: Pork Chop Cash d. Pvt. Nelson
Canadian TV championship tournament, 1st round: Pvt. Don Kernodle d. King Parsons
Canadian TV championship tournament, 1st round: Jay Youngblood d. David Patterson
Canadian TV championship tournament, 1st round: The Destoryer d. Johnny Weaver
Canadian TV championship tournament, semifinal: Pork Chop Cash DCO Pvt. Kernodle
Canadian TV championship tournament, final: Jay Youngblood beat The Destroyer to win vacant championship.