Sunday, August 01, 2021

Johnny Valentine Returns to County Hall

"I will never forget this town. Because there was a time I was a sellout for wrestling. There was a time - - it was hot in this building but I loved the town, and I still do, and I love the town today. You know, it hasn't changed, the people are great, and it's a pleasure to be here."
- Johnny Valentine, Charleston SC, 1998

County Hall in Charleston SC hosted many matches over the years. My journey there started in 1974. The legendary figures that passed through the hallowed hall were many, but there was something special about Johnny Valentine. He just stood out. His battles with Wahoo were something to behold in person. I will never forget.

After all the years had passed and the limited appearances that he made, it was an incredible honor to have him back at County Hall in 1998. Unfortunately, Johnny would pass away a couple of years later, making this one of his last personal appearances at a wrestling event. However, his memory lives on in the heart of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling fans to this day.    - Andy McDaniel

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Video produced by Andy McDaniel. Check out Andy's book Reunion at County Hall: The Night the Wrestling Legends Returned to Charleston. Available on