Monday, August 23, 2021

Abe Jacobs Returns to County Hall in Charleston

by Andy McDaniel
Mid-Atlantic Gateway Contributor

As a kid, I honestly had no idea who Abe Jacobs was other than a guy who always lost his television matches. I say that with the utmost respect for Abe. I did not know any better as a young person. However, in 1998 I got to know Abe Jacobs personally, and my viewpoint would never be the same again. It was during the time of preparation for a reunion of legends show that Mike Mooneyham and I were putting together that I learned about the storied career of Abe and the true legend of, as Mike would often say, "the venerable New Zealander."

It was such a joy getting to know Abe. He was so kind to me from the first time we talked, and that has never changed no matter how many times we have seen each other or how much time has passed. It is always special to hear him tell stories from his wrestling years. 

So, friends, "let me tell you something," this guy was a star back in his day, and to me, he still is. Thanks for all the memories, my old friend.

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