Monday, August 09, 2021

Ole Anderson Returns to Charleston's County Hall

Ole Anderson is one of those names that probably every Mid-Atlantic fan knows. The Anderson brothers (Ole & Gene) are legendary in the ranks of wrestling history. So on our special reunion weekend in Charleston, it was a true honor to have Ole with us. 
While the internet seems to write many negative things about Ole, and those who know him are well aware of how grumpy he can be, as you can see in this short clip, he had fun while back in Charleston, and we had fun with him. Ole told so many stories during our time together. What a joy it was to relive that history with him.  
Thanks for all the great memories Ole, you were an honored guest for sure    - Andy McDaniel 
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Video produced by Andy McDaniel. Check out Andy's book Reunion at County Hall: The Night the Wrestling Legends Returned to Charleston. Available on