Saturday, August 22, 2015

Blooper! Carl Jones?

Columbia, SC
February 5, 1980

We present another in our series of newspaper bloopers, but this one is from the results in the paper, and not the ad for the show.

This results clipping happily reports that Rufus R. Jones and CARL Jones were both disqualified for fighting outside the ring. Wait ..... Carl Jones?? Who the heck is Carl Jones? That semi-main event featured PAUL Jones vs. Rufus R. Jones, so when did CARL Jones show up? How do these mistakes happen?

And we've got another one in the same result:

In the tag team event just before intermission, WWF regulars Tony Garea and Pedro Morales defeated Dewey Robertson and Swede HAMPTON. Swede Hampton? Did the results writer have that coastal Virginia town on their mind when they wrote this? That, of course, should be longtime Mid-Atlantic Wrestling veteran Swede Hanson.

Plus, the usual mis-spellings that you can find in almost every newspaper ad or result from that era; this time it's Pedro MORLES for Morales. That one can be forgiven. You can understand how the copy guy in the news room late at night might not know how to spell Morales. But Carl Jones and Swede Hampton? That's nuts!

You also have RICK Flair which continues to occasionally pop up even today.

My new favorite wrestler: Carl Jones.

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