Monday, August 10, 2015

Classic Clipping: Six-Man Tag Team Brawl (and Blooper!)

Today we present not only a classic clipping from 36 years ago today, but also the second in our series of newspaper ad bloopers.

If Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair formed a "dream team" early in the month in Charlotte, then adding Blackjack Mulligan made it a double-dream team in Richmond!

The dynamic trio battled Paul Jones, Baron Von Raschke, and "The Big Cat" Ernie Ladd in a huge main event on 8/10/79 in Richmond.

Jones and Von Raschke were the reigning NWA world tag team champions, but little did anyone know then they were only two days away from losing those titles to Flair and Mulligan on 8/12/79 in Greensboro.

The ad above is of the classic style of ads from that era. It also included a classic blooper. Have you found it yet?

There are actually TWO bloopers in this ad - - another "twofer" - - 

The first is Moose Morowski teaming with GONG Anderson! Of course, that's supposed to be Gene Anderson, one half of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew. The two battled Jay Youngblood and former WWWF champion Pedro Morales in the semi-final event.

During this time period Gene's brother Ole Anderson was wrestling in Georgia, while Gene stayed in the Mid-Atlantic. Gene often teamed with Moose in those years, as well as a semi-regular pairing with Sgt. Jaques Goulet, Swede Hanson, and a few others.

The second blooper is Dewey Robertson taking on LOCO Somoa! That, of course, should be Coco Samoa. 

We can understand someone at the Richmond Times-Dispatch thinking Loco Samoa made sense, perhaps thinking all wrestlers are a little bit "loco." But GONG Anderson? How is that mistake even possible? One of the great bloopers ever. Team up GONG Anderson with OLD Anderson (as in our first blooper we posted) and you would have quite a wrecking crew indeed!
Thanks to Mark Eastridge for the newspaper clipping.