Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Blooper! Jean, Jock, J, and Darin


Sometimes we can't decide if mistakes in these newspaper ads are really bloopers or just merely typos. There are four in the this short newspaper blurb for an upcoming card in Saluda, VA in 1979. We've decided they are all bloopers!


First of all, we know about all the many members of the famous Anderson family - - Gene, Lars, Ole, Arn, Bryant, Brad ..... but we never knew about JEAN Anderson!

And even though Jay Youngblood's first name is Jay - - let's just shortened it to J. Why not? 

And we knew Sgt. Jacques Goulet was a good wrestler, but we never knew he had the nickname JOCK. Hey, this was during the era of the Dallas TV series, where there was the very well known patriarch of the Texas oil family Jock Ewing. Easy to confuse, right?

And lastly, rather than assign military rank to JOCK Goulet, the newspaper ad writer decided to give him a new first name - - Sargent. There are all sorts of folks with the surname Sargent - - perhaps they were thinking of Dick Sargent who played Darin on Bewitched? But we've never known anyone with that as a first name - - until now: SARGENT JOCK Goulet!

Late edit: Ron from Syracuse, NY noticed another error, this one a typo, where Baron Von Raschke's name was misspelled ROSCHKE. However, if it were spelled the way 1975-1978 Wide World Wrestling announcer Ed Capral pronounced it, ROSCHKE might be correct! 

Did we miss anything?

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