Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ode To The Legends

Mac McMurray
(photo by Peggy Lathan)

Les Thatcher recently sent us a poem written by his longtime friend Mac McMurray that Mac wrote before attending the annual Gulf Coast Wrestlers Reunion in Mobile, AL in 2008. Les thought Mac wouldn't mind it being shared with all of us.

It is a wonderful sentiment written by a very nice man we wish we knew better.

From 2008, updated for 2016, the poem by legendary referee Mac McMurray, "Ode To The Legends":

Ode To The Legends.  (Gulf Coast Wrestler's Reunion)

As 2016 begins to fade and gracefully we age
Our thoughts begin to dwell upon our turning a new page.
The days appear to drag along as March comes into view.
Reunion memories abound while planning things to do.

Now comes the time to make the trip, the planning soon pays off.
We hit the road, we take a plane not taking time to cough.
The highway's clogged with many cars, the airport's not much better.
The wind is blowing, it's raining hard it couldn't get much wetter.

But then the weather starts to clear, Mobile is now in sight.
Our journey's ending, the Red Roof's near, we'll soon bed down tonight.
The sun comes up, the skies are clear, our hearts begin to pound.
The building's just a little West near a race track that is round.

The boys are starting to arrive some young, some old, some gimping.
The younger ones are struck with awe, the older ones just limping
But one thing that we know for sure is that we'll all grow old.
The legends that we'll meet today were known through stories told.

But years have come and years have gone and never will return.
Our peers today will have to try to be their best, to learn
What years of bumps, a million miles, the struggle to survive,
Taught utter joy of a job well done, the joy of being alive.

The legends will accept the praise with modesty and glee,
The hardest part is knowledge that there will never be
New talent coming up the ranks whose hearts are full of fight
New talent that will miss the chance to be in the spotlight.

For most of us the legends live and will for ever more.
Their stories, tales and memories create amazing lore.
But from here on as time goes by, our legends pass with grace
But what I see that's sadder still, there's no one to take their place.

Respectfully submitted by:

Mac McMurray
August 2008