Thursday, October 13, 2016

Can You Identify the Announcer?

Can you help us identify the announcer interviewing Dusty Rhodes in this image? We have been unable to determine his full name name.

Update - Sunday 10/16: We have identified him as Ken Conrad, a longtime radio personality in the Charlotte area and P.A. voice of the Charlotte Knights baseball team. Thanks to Greg Price at for doing a little digging and solving this long held mystery.  We will be updating the site with full information on our mystery promo announcer this week.

Fans of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling from the early 1980s will remember him doing the 2 min 30 sec. local promotional segments that air twice during each syndicated episode of "Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling" and "World Wide Wrestling." He only did this for a relatively short time period, from mid-1981 into early 1982. (The above screen capture is from October of 1981.)

We believe his first name is Ken, but we have no idea of his last name. He was interviewing Jim Crockett, Sr. on the "Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling" show taped 1/20/82 and Jim twice called him "Ken." Occasionally TV people used "working names," but we will assume at this point that Ken is his first name. That's all we've got to go on at this point.

We are guessing that he was either (1) a TV personality at the station where this was taped, WPCQ-36 in Charlotte, or (2) a local Charlotte area TV or radio personality.

Can you help us? Do you know the identity of our mystery announcer? Please write us using the address on our CONTACT PAGE on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway.

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