Saturday, October 01, 2016

David Chappell Joins Jim Valley on "Saturday Morning Wrestling"

The Mid-Atlantic Gateway's David Chappell is Jim Valley's guest this week on his regular weekend PWTorch Livecast "Saturday Morning Wrestling".

Jim and David talk all things Mid-Atlantic including the famous Ric Flair/Blackjack Mulligan Hat and Robe angle, the Anderson Brother's "Supreme Sacrifice", the legendary Johnny Weaver,  the IWA and WWF invasions, 1984 as a year of transition, the Flair and Mulligan near miss in 1977, Thanksgiving cards, the Gateway Boys' induction into the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Legends Hall of Heroes, and much more!

You can listen and download from the embedded podcast above, or you can download from your favorite podcast provider such as iTunes. Just search for PWTorch Livecast.

Thanks to Jim and PWTorch for hosting the Mid-Atlantic Gateway!