Sunday, January 29, 2017

An Afternoon with Bob Caudle

by Dick Bourne
Mid-Atlantic Gateway

David and his wife Diana and I had the opportunity to have lunch and spend the afternoon with Bob Caudle and his wife Jackie this weekend. Bob and Jackie are two of our very favorite people and it was great to spend some time with them.

Bob Caudle and the Gateway Boys visit in Raleigh with their Hall of Heroes hardware.

Bob was kind enough to introduce David and I for induction into the Hall of Heroes Class of 2016 at the Wrestling Legends Fanfest in Charlotte this past August. We were recognized for our contributions to wrestling history through our website. It was such an honor to share the stage with him, and we are forever grateful for the kind things he said about us and the Mid-Atlantic Gateway.

With my "other Mom", the lovely and
gracious Jackie Caudle
Bob is a member of the inaugural class of the Hall of Heroes, inducted in 2007 in Charlotte. When we got together this weekend, Bob pulled out his plaque and Diana took a photo of all of us together with our Hall of Heroes awards (seen above). It was a nice little moment for us.

Bob is such a part of the fabric of what made up Mid-Atlantic Wrestling for nearly three decades. Wrestlers would come and go, but Bob Caudle was the one constant that we could count on week in and week out. Every week, after that familiar theme song, we would hear those familiar words:
"Hi Wrestling fans, this is Bob Caudle, welcome to Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. And have we got an hour of action and excitement in store for you this week..."
There was nothing more comforting than to hear those words every Saturday afternoon. We knew we were in store for the best hour on television.

And to cap it all off this weekend, we were happy to learn that Bob and Jackie had just celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary! Incredible!

Happy Anniversary to them both!!