Saturday, January 14, 2017

Gordon Solie gives a shout-out to Peggy Lathan on WTBS (1984)

by Dick Bourne
Mid-Atlantic Gateway

It's not often that one of the top wrestling announcers in the country mentions your name on national television. But such was the case in May of 1984 when "World Championship Wrestling" host Gordon Solie mentioned it was nice to have our friend (and Gateway contributor) Peggy Lathan in the audience for the TV taping.

During a WTBS studio match between Jerry "Crusher" Blackwell and Dale Veasy, Solie gave a shout out to several special guests in attendance:

We've always known Peggy was the queen of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling. On that particular Saturday it was Georgia, too, and a nationwide audience on the SuperStation.

Wrestling came across on such a personal level back in those days. It was a regular thing on the territory TV shows (especially those emanating from the television studio as opposed to an arena setting) for wrestling hosts such as Solie, Bob Caudle, Lance Russell, Charlie Harville and others to mention folks who were in attendance. It was often a local church group or the local Boy Scout troop. Solie would often mention those that were in Atlanta for the taping that had come from some distance, as you heard in this clip. It is a nice touch that has long since passed us by and is one of the little things I miss about territory wrestling.

Thanks to Andy Tolbert who caught the reference while watching old Georgia Wrestling on YouTube.