Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mooneyham: Wrestling Promoter Elliott Murnick Carried On Rich Family Legacy

Wrestling promoter Elliott Murnick carried on rich family legacy
by Mike Mooneyham, Charleston Post & Courier
June 24, 2017

Excerpts from an article that memorializes the life of Elliot Murnick and also serves as a first class education in pro wrestling history in the Mid-Atlantic area:

Elliott Murnick, whose Mid-Atlantic Wrestling promotional roots dated back to the 1950s, passed away in his sleep Monday morning at his home in Raleigh. His age was listed as 75, but to those who knew him, Elliott seemed timeless.
. . . . . . 
David Crockett, 71, was a second-generation bookend to Elliott Murnick. Sons of powerful promoters who were business partners and friends going back to the ‘50s, the two continued their fathers’ legacy in the wrestling business. The team consisted of David, with brothers Jim Jr. and Jackie Crockett, and sister Frances Crockett Ringley, who was the first woman general manager of a professional baseball team (Charlotte Orioles). And Elliott and Carl Murnick, who took over after their father’s death and continued to be heavily involved with Crockett Promotions and some of that company’s biggest events.

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