Sunday, June 11, 2017 A Behind the Scenes Look at the Wrestling Magazines We Loved

Don't miss this outstanding behind the scenes article on those wonderful newsstand magazines we all read as kids. It covers the demise of the wrestling magazine business, but ignores the role of the "sheets" in that process. Despite that one drawback, it's one of the most fascinating articles written about the magazines.

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It's All True!
Weston Magazines and Wrestling's "Creative Journalism"

by Jon Langmead on

Why Interview a Fake Person?

As long as they stayed within the current storyline that the wrestler was involved in and didn’t invent anything that the wrestler might not really say, anything went. “I’ve been asked that question about making up quotes,” says Rosenbaum, “and people say it’s horrible and I say, no, it’s not. I’m interviewing Ric Flair the character, not Ric Flair the person, okay? So if I know who Ric Flair the character is and the way he speaks and what [promoters] might be doing with Ric Flair the character, what’s the difference between me making up the quote and speaking to Ric Flair the character directly? Why would I want to interview a fake person? It would be like saying, ‘Go interview some character on a TV show.’ What does that mean?”  ....

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