Friday, June 23, 2017

"What Happened When" Four Horsemen Podcast Part 2 This Monday


This coming Monday, June 26, Tony Schiavone and Conrad Thompson will present PART 2 of their  FOUR HORSEMEN series on their popular "What Happened When" podcast on the MLW Radio Network.

The series also celebrates the new book "Four Horsemen: A Timeline History", which has been an Amazon #1 bestseller in wrestling books most of the time since it's launch back on June 5th.

Part 1 that debuted on 6/19 (available for streaming or download now) covered the origins of the Four Horsemen, the original version with Ole Anderson, and the Lex Luger version of 1987. They left off with Lex being kicked out of the Horsemen, which sets the stage for Barry Windham joining the group in 1988. This is the version of the Horsemen that most fans pick as technically the best, but that will be an interesting point of discussion. Tony has already declared he thought the Ole Anderson version was the best. James J. Dillon has echoed those sentiments. At various times Ric Flair and Arn Anderson have also said the same. Conrad hasn't declared yet, so that particular topic will be fun this Monday.

Join Tony and Conrad as they continue to explore the early years of the Four Horsemen from their inception in 1985 through the bitter end of the Horsemen in 1999. Conrad will use the book as a road map for all the important events and happenings along the way, and Tony will fill us all in on everything that was happening behind the scenes

The special Four Horsemen podcast series with Tony and Conrad continues this Monday, June 26 on the MLW Radio Network, iTunes, and from wherever you download your podcasts.

Tune in Monday to "What Happened When"!