Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving Memories: Greensboro & Norfolk 1975

For decades, wrestling on Thanksgiving night was a cherished tradition in the Mid-Atlantic area, particularly in the cities of Greensboro, NC and Norfolk, VA.

The line-up of talent on the two Jim Crockett promotions cards in 1975 was simply amazing. And this was without their two top heels following the plane crash seven weeks earlier. Johnny Valentine's career was ended and Ric Flair would not return from his broken back until late January of 1976. 

Brisco, Wahoo, Funk, Jones, Andre, Graham, the Andersons, Mulligan, Woods, Weaver, Miller, Patera, Mosca and so many more. Just an incredible line-up of great talent.

Today we look back at the 44th anniversary of a big night of wrestling in these two big Crockett towns. The actual date was Thanksgiving night 11/27/75.

Happy Thanksgiving!!



Greensboro Coliseum

Greensboro Event Poster

Greensboro Newspaper Ad

Newspaper Result

A Page from Booker George Scott's Day Planner


Scope Coliseum

Norfolk Newspaper Ad

Norfolk Newspaper Result

Superstar Billy Graham and Andre the Giant at the Scope, Thanksgiving 1975
Photograph by Bill Janosik

International Wrestling Association (IWA)


Winston-Salem Coliseum
The rival IWA also ran a big Thanksgiving show in the Mid-Atlantic area
on Thanksgiving night of 1975.

Originally published November 25, 2015 on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway