Sunday, November 10, 2019

Wahoo vs. Valentine in a Lumberjack Match: Rickard's Tournament Continues

in the Greatest United States Champion of All Time Tournament!

From Rickard's post:

The fans are still reeling from the events of round two’s fourth match as arch-rivals Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Wahoo McDaniel’s match never started. Instead, the two beat each other senseless with Ric Flair running in to aid Valentine and Ricky Steamboat making the save. As a result, Mid-Atlantic official Sandy Scott ruled the match will take place [at a later time.]

And that time is now.

Wahoo and Valentine will settle things out and determine who advances in this tournament in a LUMBERJACK MATCH.

The tournament is taking place over at Canadian Bulldog's World website and has been going on for the past several months.

So who ya got?

Rickard's match can be found here:
Round Two, Match 6: Greg Valentine vs. Wahoo McDaniel in a Lumberjack Match

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