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Mid-Atlantic TV Report: April 2, 1983

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling on
the WWE Network

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
TV Summaries & Reviews
by David Taub
Mid-Atlantic Gateway Contributor

This is a review of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling as it appeared on the WWE Network. Results are included for the week (Monday-Sunday of the given week) as available. Please email with any corrections, typos, results, other details at Follow @TaubGVWire

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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Original broadcast: 04/02/83
(taped 03/30/83 at WPCQ-TV studios in Charlotte)
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Bob Caudle opens the show a little differently than normal. He is in the stand, like he is Phil Donahue or someone. He introduces the new NWA TV champion, Roddy Piper. Piper interacts with the audience, and hands out T-shirts raising awareness for the Easter Seals. Piper talks about the importance of Easter Seals before hopping in the ring.

Match 1
Non-Title: Roddy Piper (NWA TV Champ) d. Ricky Harris

Tommy Young is the referee for the hour. Harris jumps Piper at the start. Roddy recovers. Harris swings and misses, and Piper turns it into a back suplex for the win.

-Comments from Greg Valentine
Valentine talks about being the greatest U.S. champion ever. The NWA bestowed him a new title belt (which is already falling apart). He talked about how he used to be friends with Flair, but fame and fortune turned Flair. We are really missing context of Flair’s babyface turn with those three missing episodes from the Network (Feb. 19, Feb. 26, March 5). Valentine also talks about beating Piper.


-Great Kabuki martials arts demonstration vs. Bill White
Second week for the demonstration. White has a kendo stick and must hit Kabuki anywhere but his hand/wrist. Kabuki wears a device, that Caudle keeps calling a Dragon Shoe. Gary Hart notes it’s a Dragon Shai. White is having no luck. Kabuki takes a way the kendo, and Caudle notes those aren’t the rules. Kabuki reluctantly returns the stick. Kabuki blocks all Whites shots, then takes the stick away again, uses nunchuks and beats on White. Hart races in the ring and covers White for his own protection. Hart “speaks foreign” according to the closed captioning to calm Kabuki down. 

Hart and Kabuki rejoin Caudle. Jimmy Valiant comes out and says he played stickball since he was three, he knows how to hit people with sticks. He wants those “100 canaries.” He’ll hit Kabuki 50 times. Seemingly Hart accepts Valiant’s challenge. “The only thing to become a king is to destroy a king.” Hart says as ridiculous as it is, Valiant is king of Mid-Atlantic.


-Int. w/Bob Caudle: Jos LeDuc
LeDuc says his face may looked messed up (and it does), but that’s nothing to what’s going to happen to Dick Slater and Greg Valentine. We go to a clip of last week’s attack by Slater and Valentine.

Match 2
[TAPE] Georgia Championship Wreslting
Non-Title: Ric Flair [NWA World Champion] d. John King

This match is from World Championship Wrestling on WTBS. Charlie Smith is the referee. Solie is impressed how long King lasts. Solie fails to acknowledge that King had 0% of the match. Flair wins with the Figure Four.

-Int. w/Bob Caudle: Jos LeDuc
This is in lieu of local promos. LeDuc talks mainly about getting revenge on Slater and Valentine, similar to the interview he just gave.


Match 3
Jimmy Valiant & Bugsy McGraw & Jos LeDuc
d. Ben Alexander & Ken Timbs & Masa Fuchi

More LeDuc. He tells the three men in the ring he isn’t alone. Boogie Woogie and Bugsy McGraw come in the ring dancing, Network edit music in tow. And, no, they don’t make LeDuc dance. All babyfaces. LeDuc hits Fuchi with the one-armed backbreaker and Valiant pins him following an elbow.


[TAPE] Int. w/David Crockett: Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle
The three men are in another studio, behind the steel cage. Kernodle says they were robbed. Slaughter makes more threats to Steamboat & Youngblood. For the record, Slaughter made his first reappearance with the WWF at a TV taping during the week, 3/30/83.


Match 4
Dory Funk, Jr. & Jake Roberts (w/Paul Jones) d. Johnny Weaver & Mike Davis

Jones joins Caudle on commentary. He says this is another tryout for his team. A back-and-forth match. Dory holds Davis in the Texas Clover Leaf. Weaver makes the save, which drives Jones nuts. Roberts nails Davis with the DDT, which still doesn’t have a name yet, and scores the pin. Caudle called it a piledrive-like and bulldog-type maneuver. 

-Int. w/Bob Caudle: Mike Rotundo & Sweet Brown Sugar
This is in lieu of local promos. Standard babyface fare, about the future success of their team.


Match 5
Mike Rotundo & Sweet Brown Sugar d. Red Dog Lane & Bill White

Sir Oliver Humperdink joins Caudle for commentary. He talks about how he made LeDuc. Caudle makes a plug for fans who want to attend the TV tapings live to send in a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Jim Crockett Promotions offices in Charlotte. First time I remember seeing that in a show on the Network. Rotundo pins White following an airplane spin. Sugar nails Lane with a sweet dropkick to prevent him from breaking up the pin. 

-Int. w/Bob Caudle: Jimmy Valiant & Bugsy McGraw & Jos LeDuc
First, we see Andre highlights, the same clip they played last week. This time, Valiant narrates over it, extolling the strength and power of Andre. The Network edit music plays. Valiant talks about a new record he has coming out. Bugsy yammers on. Sugar shows up, but says nothing. LeDuc just looks stoic.

And, we’re done. Seems like a jump cut to the credits.

 * * * * * * * * * * * *

Results for the week, 3/28/83-4/03/83
(source: Clawmaster’s Archive via Sports and Wrestling blog posted by David Baker; “Wrestling” newsletter by Joe Shedlock)

Mon., 3/28/83 Greenville, SC; Memorial Auditorium
Ben Alexander beat Vinnie Valentino
Ricky Harris beat Wayne Jones
Dick Slater beat Jos LeDuc in a taped fist match
Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood beat Dory Funk, Jr. & Jake Roberts
Greg Valentine beat Roddy Piper in a match with 2 referees

Tue., 3/29/83 Columbia, SC; Township Auditorium
Vinnie Valentino beat Ben Alexander
Masa Fuchi beat Wayne Jones
Bill White beat Mark Fleming
Great Kabuki beat Sweet Brown Sugar
Dick Slater beat Jos LeDuc by DQ
Roddy Piper beat Greg Valentine by DQ

Tue., 3/29/83 Wytheville, VA
Abe Jacobs beat Ricky Harris
Johnny Weaver beat Gene Anderson
Pvt. Kernodle beat Jim Nelson
Jimmy Valiant beat One Man Gang
Jimmy Valiant beat Oliver Humperdink 

Wed., 3/30/83 Charlotte, NC; WPCQ-TV studio
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling:
Roddy Piper beat Ricky Harris
Great Kabuki beat Bill White
Jos LeDuc, Jimmy Valiant & Bugsy McGraw beat Ben Alexander, Ken Timbs & Masa Fuchi
Jake Roberts & Dory Funk, Jr. beat Mike Davis & Johnny Weaver
Mike Rotundo & Sweet Brown Sugar beat Bill White & Red Dog Lane
World Wide Wrestling:
Jake Roberts & Dory Funk, Jr. beat Mike Davis & Vinnie Valentino
Roddy Piper beat Ken Timbs
Jos LeDuc, Jimmy Valiant & Bugsy McGraw beat Ben Alexander, Bill White & Ricky Harris
One Man Gang beat Ron Rossi

Fri., 4/01/83 Charleston SC
Roddy Piper beat Greg Valentine by DQ
Jake Roberts & Dory Funk, Jr. beat Sweet Brown Sugar & Wayne Jones
Mike Rotundo beat Gene Anderson
Johnny Weaver beat Bill White

Fri., 4/01/83 Richmond, VA; Richmond Coliseum
Bugsy McGraw d. Rick Harris
Great Kabuki d. Mike Rotundo
Dick Slater DDQ Jos LeDuc
Street fight: Jimmy Valiant d. One Man Gang which led to…
Lites out: Jimmy Valiant d. Sir Oliver Humperdink
Cage match: Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle d. Rick Steamboat & Jay Youngblood

Sat., 4/02/83 Charlottesville, VA
Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood beat Sgt Slaughter & Don Kernodle
Also including Bugsy McGraw, Great Kabuki

Sun., 4/03/83 Greensboro, NC; Greensboro Coliseum
Larry Lane beat Mike Davis
Jake Roberts beat Vinnie Valentino
Mike Rotundo beat Gene Anderson
Great Kabuki, Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle beat Jim Nelson, Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood
Jack & Jerry Brisco beat Dory Funk, Jr. & Paul Jones
Dick Slater beat Roddy Piper to win NWA(Mid Atlantic) Television Title
Andre the Giant, Jimmy Valiant & Bugsy McGraw beat Greg Valentine, One Man Gang & Oliver Humperdink

Sun., 4/03/83 Columbia, SC
Greg Valentine beat Roddy Piper
Bugsy McGraw, Jerry Brisco & Jos Leduc beat One Man Gang, Dick Slater & Oliver Humperdink
Jimmy Valiant beat One Man Gang
Larry Lane beat Wayne Jones
Bill White d. Vinnie Valentino