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Mid-Atlantic TV Report: April 16, 1983

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling on
the WWE Network

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
TV Summaries & Reviews
by David Taub
Mid-Atlantic Gateway Contributor

This is a review of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling as it appeared on the WWE Network. Results are included for the week (Monday-Sunday of the given week) as available. Please email with any corrections, typos, results, other details at Follow @TaubGVWire

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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Original broadcast: 04/16/83
(taped 04/13/83 at WPCQ-TV studios in Charlotte)
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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Original broadcast: April 16, 1983 (taped 4/13/83 at WPCQ-TV studios in Charlotte)
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Match 1
Mike Rotundo d. Masa Fuchi

Ron West is the referee for the hour. We start the show with the action started in the ring. Jerry Brisco joins Bob Caudle on the mic. Lots of mat work to start. Brisco continually praises Rotundo. He also talks about the Briscos challenging champion Steamboat & Youngblood in a series of matches without worry of outside interference. Rotundo wins with the airplane spin.


-Int. w/Bob Caudle: Gary Hart & Kabuki
Gary Hart says other wrestlers don’t want a part of Kabuki. The WWE Network edit music brings out Jimmy Valiant and drowns everything out. It appears Valiant is accepting the challenge. He grabs Hart and slugs him, then retreats to the ring. Kabuki follows, and it looks like we have an impromptu match.

Match 2
Jimmy Valiant d. The Great Kabuki (w/Gary Hart)

In a quick match, Valiant rolls up Kabuki for the win. Hart jumps in after, and Kabuki spits the red mist in Valiant’s face. Valiant blindly runs into the crowd. 


Match 3
Jos LeDuc d. Ricky Harris

Sir Oliver Humperdink joins Caudle for commentary. He runs down LeDuc for the most part. LeDuc wins with the running clothesline, which Humperdink calls The Freight Train. 

Match 4
One Man Gang d. Wayne Jones

We go directly to the next match. Humperdink sticks around, and the talk turns to OMG vs. Andre the Giant. Gang wins with a splash.

-Int. w/Bob Caudle: Greg Valentine
This is in lieu of local promos. Valentine wants Flair, but says they are still friends. He refers to his match a few weeks ago that ended in a draw. A somewhat babyface type interview with Valentine.


-Int. w/Bob Caudle: Greg Valentine
Returning to the main body of the show, Valentine is back in heel mode. Trash talks Piper for the most part.

Match 5
Greg Valentine & Dick Slater d. Sweet Brown Sugar & Keith Larson

Larson looks like Ric Flair. Physically, certainly not in the ring. Caudle isn’t having his best day. Referring to the prior segment, he calls Jimmy Valiant as “Valentine” several times. Slater finishes Larsen off with a Samoan drop (even though it wasn’t called that).

-Int. w/Bob Caudle: Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle; Gary Hart
Kernodle says they are not done with Steamboat & Youngblood. Slaughter wants an ultimate match where only one man survives. Gary Hart is upset that his sportscoat made in Rome was ripped up by Valiant. He says next week, Magic Dragon is here.


Match 6
Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco d. Ben Alexander & Bill White

Paul Jones joins Caudle. They talk about who is the top contender for the tag championship. Jones thinks its Dory Funk, Jr. & Jake Roberts.  A longer match than expected. Jack makes Alexander submit to the figure four.

-Int. w/Bob Caudle: Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco
Jack thinks they are the top tag team contenders. Jerry agrees.


Match 7
Non-Title: Rick Steamboat & Jay Youngblood [World Tag Team ch.] -no match- Sgt. Jacques Goulet & Red Dog Lane

As soon as the champs get in the ring, Slaughter & Kernodle attack. Caudle called Goulet “Cousteau” twice. It’s a four-on-two attack. Slaughter and Kernodle are literally trying to rip the belts out of their hands. They do and exit the ring. 

-Int. w/Bob Caudle: Rick Steamboat & Jay Youngblood
Steamboat is naturally upset. Youngblood is tired of it. He’ll give Slaughter & Kernodle anything they want. Steamboat says they are trying to represent the championship as they should. They will do what it takes to get their belts back. “Enough is enough.” 

-Int. w/Bob Caudle: Bugsy McGraw & Jimmy Valiant
McGraw has his red Pro Wrestling Illustrated shirt. Valiant is draped with a red mist stained towel. McGraw takes the mic away from Caudle. He vows revenge on Hart, Kabuki and Magic Dragon. Valiant reveals his red-stained face, screaming. Caudle says off quietly in the background.

“So long for now!”


Results for the week, 4/11/83-4/17/83
(source: Clawmaster’s Archive via Sports and Wrestling blog posted by David Baker; “Wrestling” newsletter by Joe Shedlock)

Mon., 4/11/83 Greenville, SC; Township Auditorium
Keith Larson beat Ken Timbs
Gene Anderson beat Vinnie Valentino
Great Kabuki beat Mike Davis
Roddy Piper beat Greg Valentine
Dick Slater beat Jos LeDuc in a taped fist match
Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle beat Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood by DQ

Tue., 4/12/83 Raleigh, NC; Civic Center
Mike Davis d. Gene Anderson
Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle d. Pvt. Nelson & Johnny Weaver
Jos LeDuc d. Dick Slater [scheduled: Jos LeDuc & Roddy Piper vs. Dick Slater & Greg Valentine]
World tag team title: Rick Steamboat & Jay Youngblood [ch.] d. Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco

4/13/83 Charlotte, NC(TV)
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling:
Mike Rotundo beat Masa Fuchi
Jimmy Valiant beat Great Kabuki
Jos LeDuc beat Ricky Harris
One Man Gang beat Wayne Jones
Dick Slater & Greg Valentine beat Keith Larson & Sweet Brown Sugar
Jack & Jerry Brisco beat Bill White & Ben Alexander
World Wide Wrestling:
Jos LeDuc beat Ken Timbs
One Man Gang beat Mike Davis
Bugsy McGraw beat Bill White
Mike Rotundo beat Larry Lane
Jake Roberts beat Wayne Jones
Dick Slater & Greg Valentine beat Vinnie Valentino & Sweet Brown Sugar

Fri., 4/15/83 Charleston SC; County Hall
Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle beat Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood
Liz Chase beat Leilani Kai
Johnny Weaver beat Ricky Harris
Jim Nelson beat Bill White
Ken Timbs beat Wayne Jones
Mike Davis beat Vinnie Valentino

Fri., 4/15/83 Richmond, VA; Richmond Coliseum
Sweet Brown Sugar vs. Red Dog Lane
Mike Rotundo vs. Gene Anderson
$5,000 tug-o-war: One Man Gang vs. Bugsy McGraw
Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco vs. Paul Jones & Jake Roberts
Taped fist match: Dick Slater vs. Jos LeDuc
Kendo Stick match: Jimmy Valiant vs. Kabuki (w/Gary Hart)

Sat., 4/16/83 Spartanburg, SC
Bugsy McGraw beat One Man Gang in a tug of war match
Jos LeDuc beat Dick Slater
Mike Rotundo beat Jake Roberts by DQ
Johnny Weaver & Sweet Brown Sugar beat Ricky Harris & Ben Alexander
Keith Larsen beat Vinnie Valentino

Sat., 4/16/83 Greensboro, NC
Bill White beat Wayne Jones
Jim Nelson beat Ken Timbs
Gene Anderson beat Mike Davis
Jack & Jerry Brisco beat Larry Lane & Masa Fuchi
Jimmy Valiant beat Great Kabuki
Roddy Piper beat Greg Valentine to win NWA(Mid Atlantic) United States Title
Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle beat Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood by DQ

Sun., 4/17/83 Columbia, SC; Township Auditorium
Bill White d. Vinnie Valentino
Red Dog Lane & Gene Anderson d. Mark Fleming & Keith Larsen
Jake Roberts d. Sweet Brown Sugar
Don Kernodle. D. Jim Nelson
World tag team title: Rick Steamboat & Jay Youngblood [ch.] d. Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco