Monday, October 07, 2019

No Autographs from Two Ton Harris

by Don Holbrook
Mid-Atlantic Gateway Contributor

In the Greenville Memorial Auditorium in Greenville, SC, the balcony sort of stuck out over the main floor all the way around. The area under the protruding part of the balcony located against the main floor wall and in the rear of the main floor area is where the wrestlers would stand and watch the other matches, sign autographs, talk to the women, etc. And because the balcony stuck out they could stand along the wall and the people in the seats couldn’t really see them that well.

Security was nothing like it is these days, the cops were all always focused on guarding the ring area and so the fans could just walk around and mingle with the guys. George "Two Ton" Harris would often stand there against the wall and watch the matches after his match. I used to stand close by and I’d try to talk to him but he was one I never could get to know or talk to. He always kept everything in character, even in his later years.

I used to laugh to myself when some random kid would walk up to Two Ton with a pen and autograph book extended out towards him - - it was the same thing every single time without fail - - the kid sticks the book out for him to sign, Two Ton gives the kid a long cold stare right in the face and then loudly says one word - - - “NAW” (which was his pronunciation for “NO!”)

It was something very simple, but I always found it comical and loved the expressions on the kids faces when it would happen.

Wrestling today is missing real heels.