Friday, October 25, 2019

Valentine vs. McDaniel: "Greatest U.S. Champion" Tournament Rolls On

Mike Rickard's fantasy-booked "Greatest U.S. Champion of All-Time" tournament continues on Canadian Bulldog's World, with another second round match-up, this one between Greg Valentine and Wahoo McDaniel. 

Greg and Wahoo had a long storied history in Mid-Atlantic Wrestling, feuding nearly eight years off and on between 1977 and 1983. Their main history began in 1977 when they fought over the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight title, including the famous match where Valentine broke Wahoo's leg.

The two renewed their rivalry in the early 1980s over the United States championship.

So it is only fitting that Mike Rickard pair them up in the second round of his fantasy tournament to determine the greatest U.S. champ ever!

So who ya got?

Rickard's match can be found here:
Round Two, Match 3: Greg Valentine vs. Wahoo McDaniel

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