Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Rich Landrum Remembers Rocky Johnson

Rocky Johnson as Sweet Ebony Diamond
(Photo from Maple Leaf Wrestling)
Rich Landrum shared a nice memory with us about working with Rocky Johnson in the Mid-Atlantic area, back when Rich hosted "World Wide Wrestling" and Rocky was working under a mask here as Sweet Ebony Diamond.

I thought I would share Rich's tribute.
I was really saddened by the death of Rocky Johnson. He was a terrific wrestler in the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling area and a good friend.

He was truly one of the "nice guys". He had some great matches. One in particular, with the Masked Superstar, Bill Eadie. Two masked men going after each other was a sight to behold. Especially with those two. I believe that was the first time that had ever happened. Especially on TV.

After the TV taping moved from Raleigh to Charlotte, I would fly in and out to Charlotte every Wednesday. Rocky would pick me up at the airport early Wednesday mornings and take me the studio's of WPCQ. He continued to do this right up until the time he moved from Charlotte.

It was during this time that I had the opportunity to meet his young son Dwayne. He was a cute kid.

Rocky was fun to be around and always seemed to have a kind word for the fans. He will be missed by many.

RIP Rocky!
- Rich Landrum