Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The Women of the Four Horsemen

http://horsemen.midatlanticgateway.comAt different points in time throughout the years, various women played important roles in support of the Four Horsemen. Most commonly referred to as valets, they were much more than that defined role. There are countless key moments throughout the in-ring history of the Four Horsemen where their actions had a decisive impact on match  finishes and title changes. Baby Doll turning on Dusty Rhodes in 1986 to allow Ric Flair to retain his World championship is one example. Miss Elizabeth turning on Randy Savage is another, where she loaned Flair one of her high- heeled shoes as a foreign object to aid him in regaining the World title.

And make no mistake, all five of the women officially associated with the Horsemen were gorgeous and proved to be distractions to the Horsemen’s opponents. Sadly, some were also proven to be distractions within the Horsemen themselves. Benoit’s romantic relationship with Woman proved to exacerbate the Horsemen’s adversarial relationship with Kevin Sullivan. And there was always drama surrounding the actions of Debra McMichael, who encouraged bringing trouble-maker Jeff  Jarrett into the Horsemen. She eventually left her husband for Jarrett in what was one of the worst periods of dissension within the ranks of the group.

But regardless of how it played out, the women of the Four Horsemen were always an intriguing part of the story.

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