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Mid-Atlantic TV Report: May 22, 1982

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
on the WWE Network
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
TV Summaries & Reviews
by David Taub
Mid-Atlantic Gateway Contributor

This is a review of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling as it appeared on the WWE Network. Results are included for the week (Monday-Sunday of the given week) as available. Please email with any corrections, typos, results, other details at Follow @TaubGVWire

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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Original broadcast: 5/22/82
(taped 5/19/82 at WPCQ-TV studios in Charlotte)
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Bob Caudle and Jake Roberts open the show. They talk about the World tag team tournament final. Next week, NWA representative Sandy Scott will announce the four cities hosting the first four matches in the best-of-seven final between Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen vs. Wahoo McDaniel & Don Muraco.

Jake also talks about time expiring in his match last week. He says the new rules proposed last week by Scott should allow for them to continue the match. However, that will have to wait because Kernodle & Nelson are out of the country. They also mention Piper vs. Brisco from last week.

Match 1
Wahoo McDaniel & Don Muraco d. Steve Sybert & Jerry Moore
Sonny Fargo is the referee for the hour. Piper joins Caudle for commentary. Non-stop talk from Piper about Jack Brisco. He mentions how he won the U.S. championship from Ric Flair. Piper is a man, the rest are cowards. I don’t know why it donned on me now, but Piper doesn’t have the “Rowdy” nickname yet. Piper likes the new experimental rules, then walks off the telecast for an unexplained reason while the match continues. Wahoo pins Sybert after a chop to the chest.


— Int. w/Bob Caudle: Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco
Jack talks about Piper, holding the Mid-Atlantic championship. Out of nowhere, referee Sonny Fargo interrupts, saying there is a no show for the next match, so the Briscos can opt to wrestle single. Jerry volunteers. Jack finishes up his comments on Piper.

Match 2
Jerry Brisco d. Tony Russo
Jack sticks around to commentate with Bob Caudle. He talks more about Piper and how he likes the new NWA rules. Jack leaves to take a phone call. Jerry wins with the figure-four. Piper comes out, and ascends to the top rope and jumps off on Jerry’s leg while still engaged in the leg lock. Jerry sells the move big time. Pual Jones, Ron Ritchie, Jake Roberts and King Parsons come out to tend to Jerry. Jack comes out a few moments later, but Piper is long gone. Fargo gets tossed around a few times for his troubles as well.


Match 3
Pretty Boy Fergie d. Mike Davis
Wahoo McDaniel joins Caudle. He’s upset, because he and the Briscos are from the same tribe. Wahoo makes veiled threats to Piper. Fergie wins with the neckbreaker.

— Int. w/Bob Caudle: Steve Sybert & Jerry Moore
This is in lieu of local promos. Sybert claims Wahoo hit him with an illegal chop to win Match 1. Moore gives a pretty bland promo, looking forward to the caliber of competition. Sybert says they just need more time to be the best tag team. He doesn’t like being called caveman.


Match 4
Killer Kahn d. Ken Timbs
Caudle is solo for this one. High pitched screams when Kahn is on the offense. Timbs gets one move in. Kahn finishes his opponent with a side Russian legsweep and the knee to the chest for the pin.


— Int. w/Bob Caudle: Wahoo McDaniel & Don Muraco
Muraco starts with his back to the camera. Wahoo talks about the upcoming series against Ole & Hansen. He notes that he’s been absent the last few weeks, with Muraco wrestling single. Muraco denies he interfered in the Slaughter vs. Wahoo match from a few weeks ago. Muraco says they’re willing to face anybody.


— Int. w/Bob Caudle: Paul Jones
Jones is offended by Piper injuring Jerry Brisco. No one knows how hurt Jerry is. He volunteers to cancel any commitments to help out Jack Brisco. Jones is wearing a Remo’s Gym Inc. shirt.

Match 5
King Parsons d. Jim Dalton
Jones sticks around on commentary. Parsons has the red/white/blue French flag tights. Caudle says we’ll be hearing a lot of the name of King Parsons. He gets the pin after two high drop kicks (the first hit better than the second).

— Int. w/Bob Caudle: Mike Davis & Mike Rotundo
This is in lieu of local promos. Davis delivers the best babyface underneath guy promos. Says Jack Brisco is mad and Piper is in trouble. Then, we get Rotundo. Caudle says fans have said many good things about him. Then, we get a “gee whiz, I’m happy to be here” interview. It seems that Caudle covers up by delivering a real wordy question.

Match 6
U.S. Champ Sgt. Slaughter [ch.] d. Mike Rotundo (Non-Title)
Caudle says The Privates vs. Roberts & Weaver will resume next week as part of the new NWA set of rules. Still no word on Jerry Brisco’s knee. Mostly Slaughter, but Rotundo does get multiple near falls. Slaughter wins with a forearm to Rotundo’s chin then a pin. The replay doesn’t work.

— Int. w/Bob Caudle: Ole Anderson
Anderson yells about the Briscos. A fired up Paul Jones comes out and gets in Ole’s face. He warns that the same thing could happen to Jones.

“So long for now!”

* * * * *

Results for the week, 5/17/82-5/23/82  
(source: Clawmaster’s Archive via Sports and Wrestling blog posted by David Baker)

Mon., 5/17/82 Guelph, ON (TV) — Guelph Memorial Gardens
Kelly Kiniski beat Tony Senza
Tarzan Tyler & John Studd beat Ron Bass & Tim Horner
Angelo Mosca beat Tito Senza
Kelly Kiniski beat Tito Senza & Tarzan Tyler
Pvt. Nelson beat Tim Horner
The Destroyer beat Tim Horner
Pvt. Nelson & Pvt. Kernodle beat Keith Larson & Kelly Kiniski
Johnny Weaver beat Pvt. Kernodle
Angelo Mosca beat John Studd by countout

Mon., 5/17/82 Greenville, SC
Mike Rotundo beat Tony Russo
King Parsons beat Bill White
Killer Kahn beat Mike Davis
Don Muraco & Jake Roberts beat Ole & Gen Anderson
Jimmy Valiant & Paul Jones beat Ivan Koloff & The Ninja

Tue., 5/18/82 Oshawa, ON
Keith Larson beat Tito Senza
Kelly Kiniski beat Tim Horner
Tony Parisi beat Tarzan Tyler
Angelo Mosca beat John Studd by countout
Pvt. Nelson & Pvt. Kernodle beat Johnny Weaver & Billy Red Lyons

Tue., 5/18/82 Raleigh, NC — Raleigh Civic Center
Don Muraco beat Sgt. Slaughter
Wahoo McDaniel beat Roddy Piper
King Parsons & Porkchop Cash beat Carl Fergie & David Patterson
Ron Ritchie beat Gary Moore

5/18/82 Columbia, SC
Jack Brisco & Jimmy Valiant beat The Ninja & Ivan Koloff
Killer Kahn beat Paul Jones
Mike Rotundo beat Jim Dalton
Mike Davis beat Tony Russo
Abe Jacobs beat Steve Sybert

5/19/82 Niagara Falls, Ontario
Billy Red Lyons beat Tito Senza
Tim Horner draw Keith Larson
Kelly Kiniski beat Tarzan Tyler
John Studd beat Johnny Weaver
Angelo Mosca & Tony Parisi beat Pvt. Nelson & Pvt. Kernodle

5/20/82 Harrisonburg, VA
Gene Anderson vs. Jack Brisco
Roddy Piper vs. Wahoo McDaniel

5/21/82 Richmond, VA
Wahoo McDaniel beat Sgt. Slaughter to win United States Title
Jack Brisco beat Roddy Piper
Angelo Mosca & Killer Kahn beat Paul Jones & Don Muraco
Mike Rotundo beat Pvt. Kernodle
Mike Davis beat Greg Moore

Sat., 5/22/82 Charlotte, NC
Keith Larsen d. Ken Timbs
Kelly Kiniski d. Gary Moore
Porkchop Cash d. Bill White
Angelo Mosca d. Leroy Brown
Sgt. Slaughter d. Don Muraco
Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson d. Jack Brisco & Paul Jones
Wahoo McDaniel d. Roddy Piper

Sun., 5/23/82 Greensboro, NC
Mike Davis d. Bill white
Mike Rotunrdo d. Jim Dalton
Angelo Mosca d. Paul Jones
Jimmy Valiant & Jake Roberts d. Ivan Koloff & The Ninja
Roddy Piper d. Don Muraco
U.S. Heavyweight championship: Wahoo McDaniel [ch.] d. Sgt. Slaughter; Stu Schwartz
NWA World Champion Ric Flair beat Jack Brisco