Thursday, April 02, 2020

Championship Podcast: March 27 and April 3 Episodes Are Up
The fellows over at the Mid-Atlantic Championship Podcast (@MidAtlanticPod) are moving so fast, we can hardly keep up - they've just uploaded their fifth show in two weeks!

Two new episodes have recently dropped for the shows for March 27 and April 3, 1982. And in between was a special 2.5 hour podcast on the very first Clash of the Champions, which we posted about earlier.

And as always, we appreciate the kind words about the Gateway from Mike Sempervive on the podcast. We are honored you have been with is for so long.

Regarding the podcast, if you're still unfamiliar (and if you are a Mid-Atlantic fan, you should be checking this great podcast out every week), Mike Sempervive and Roman Gomez  review another episode form the series that is currently available in the In-Ring/Territories section of the WWE Network. The podcast is a production of the Arcadian Vanguard Podcast Network and is available to stream on their website and anywhere else you get your podcasts (such as iTunes, etc.)

Bob Caudle holds the mic as Ole Anderson confronts Jack Brisco

We continue to enjoy this weekly deep dive into each of these Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling episodes and encourage you to check it out if you haven't already done so.

Also available from the podcast is a special "Prelude Episode" that set the stage for the year 1982 and things to come, as well as two "bonus" episodes, one looking back at Starrcade '84, the other a special bio/profile of the patriarch of the Crockett promotional empire Jim Crockett, Sr.  Both of these bonus shows are excellent!

So make sure not to miss an episode (like we just about did!) and check out the Mid-Atlantic Championship Podcast, a production of the Arcadian Vanguard Podcast Network.

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Mid-Atlantic Wrestling March 27, 1982
Mid-Atlantic Wrestling April 3, 1982
Clash of the Champions Anniversary Special

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