Thursday, October 22, 2015

Blooper! Not Familiar with this Malenko

Greenville, South Carolina
July 21, 1975

This blooper comes from a July 1975 card in Greenville, SC. The semi-final tag team match featured fan favorites Abe Jacobs and Klondike Bill against the hated team of the Missouri Mauler and BOYCE MALENKO.

Wait. What?

We're not familiar with Boyce Malenko, but are well familiar with the famous "Professor" Boris Malenko, who formed a feared tag team with the Missouri Mauler in the 1970s.

How does a blooper like that even happen? It's not a typo. The only thing we can figure is that someone from the Charlotte office called the Greenville office on the phone with that week's card and the person taking the message, perhaps unfamiliar with the wrestlers, thought they said Boyce. That actually probably explains a lot of these bloopers.

We love them all. More bloopers to come. (Take a look at them all.)