Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Crockett Foundation: Adventures with Ole

"Every conversation [with Ole] was a duel to the death. Nothing went unnoticed and something was always going to be said."

We've linked below to a nice little story about Ole Anderson written by John Ringley's daughter Debbie Mrozinski on the Crockett Foundation website. Debbie is the daughter of Frances Crockett and the oldest granddaughter of Jim Crockett, Sr.

The Crockett Foundation focuses its efforts on helping veterans and veteran’s organizations that are trying to make veterans lives more livable while he or she is suffering from mental illness brought on by their service to our country.

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Adventures with Ole
by Debbie Ringley Mrozinski

Growing up as a Crockett meant you were surrounded by professional athletes and that they shaped you in many ways and as I sit here now writing this, I honestly can’t think of one negative way it affected me, my brothers and sisters or my cousins. The athletes, whether wrestlers, baseball players, or hockey players, were a shining examples of hard work, discipline and what it takes to achieve your dream.

Every once in a while an athlete would come along and would teach you something that would serve you equally as well in life and that was how to be quick. My shining example of that is Ole Anderson. Let me explain what I mean by quick....

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