Saturday, October 17, 2015

Teams That Never Held the Mid-Atlantic Tag Titles (But Should Have) - Honorable Mentions

by Dick Bourne and David Chappell
Mid-Atlantic Gateway

We continue our countdown of the 5 teams that competed in the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling area that never held the Mid-Atlantic tag team championships - - but should have.

The countdown so far:

Before we announce our choice for the #1 tag team that never held the Mid-Atlantic tag team titles - - but should have -- we look at a few other great teams that didn't make the top five cut but would have also made great tag champs. They are our "honorable mentions."


Masked Superstar and Kim Duk
managed by Prof. Boris Malenko
Masked Superstar and Kim Duk 
(managed by "Professor" Boris Malenko)

DB: You could easily argue that this colorful team should have made our top-5 list. This team wasn't together very long, but they were a memorable combination under the able tutelage of Professor Boris Malenko, who would manage the Masked Superstar's singles career for several years here. They had a great look and worked well as a team, and with both guys working at or near the top of many of the cards at that time, they seemed destined for a tag title run. But it never happened.

DC: An outstanding team during the first half of 1977. But the promotion wanted these two in singles programs: Duk against Wahoo McDaniel and Superstar against the Mighty Igor.

The Mongols
The Mongols 
(managed by "Professor" Boris Malenko)

DC: Coming into the area as the "International Tag Team Champions" in early 1976, their push was to be the World Tag Team Champions. Bolo and Geeto had a short program with the Anderson's for the World Tag Team belts, but came up short. The Mongols didn't seem as suited for a "secondary" tag title as some of the other contenders.

Sgt. Jacques Goulet and Gene Anderson

DB: This team was a regular combination for well over a year in 1978-1979 and had great credibility because each had been a partner in another established tag team - - Goulet with Mike "The Judge" Dubois, and of course Gene with Ole as the Minnesota Wrecking Crew, the Anderson Brothers. Goulet and Anderson were always in the tag match just before the main events and would have been a perfect combination to hold the tag belts in those years when not much was being done with them anyway.

DC: A veteran duo that could hold their own with anybody. During portions of 1978 and 1979, this team was a tough out for any Mid-Atlantic opponent.

Bob Caudle with Boris Malenko and Missouri Mauler
Mr. X #1 and #2

DC: If you want a masked team that could have been Mid-Atlantic Tag Team champs, look no further than this team. During portions of 1977 and 1978, these two masked marvels befuddled many a team with their unorthodox style.

Boris Malenko and the Missouri Mauler

DB: Another tough combination that flirted with main events but never quite got there. They would have been perfect for the Mid-Atlantic tag team titles.

NEXT TIME: It is time to unveil our choice for #1. Until then, so long for now!