Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Blooper! What exactly is "Mid Championship"?

Charlotte, North Carolina
May 8, 1977

Gateway visitor Charlie G. spotted an unusual error on one of the newspaper ads we featured in an earlier story. I'm not sure it is actually a blooper, more like just a simple error by someone not paying attention, but I thought it was worth sharing here, and I had completely missed it.

In our October 14 story about Paul Jones making a big surprise appearance in Charlotte (in Part Five of our Mid-Atlantic/Georgia series), you'll notice that on all four sides of the ad it was intended to read "Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling." But on the sides of the clipping it simply says MID CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING.

I'm guessing this is the case on several ads from that era as much of that border work was used over and over, especially in Charlotte, Greenville, and Asheville ads. We'll have to keep our eye out.

There is also a misspelling on this same ad as Kim Duk faces Rick MAGRAW.