Thursday, October 08, 2015

Blooper: The Ever Growing Number of Youngblood Brothers

Most everyone is familiar with the famous Youngblood brothers - Jay, Mark, and Chris.

Greenville SC 5/14/79
However, we learned from an earlier blooper in the Charlotte Observer for the 9/19/81 show that there must have been a fourth Youngblood brother named JOEL.

But had we been paying attention two years earlier, a result in the Greenville News for a 5/14/79 card (at right) would have alerted us to yet another Youngblood brother - JERRY Youngblood.

That makes five Youngblood brothers and counting!

And then of course, there is the always intimidating, if not diminutive, MOUSE Morowski. Wonder if he is any kin to the big man Moose Morowski?

And just who is this "LYNN" Denton - - - Len Denton's sister??

And after posting this blooper, we received this great observation in an email to the Gateway:

In viewing this latest newspaper blooper, I caught that apparently, this "Jerry" Youngblood whipped a wrestler named "Mr. X I" So, was he the eleventh masked wrestler in his family or something like that? Or the first Mr. X?

Charlie G.

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