Monday, October 26, 2015

Recent Updates

Teams That Never Held the Mid-Atlantic Tag Titles (But Should Have) - #1
The countdown ends with the #1 team we felt should have had a run as Mid-Atlantic tag team champs but never got the chance.

Mooneyham writes great review of "United States Championship" Book
A terrific review for our latest book from one of wrestling's most respected journalists Mike Mooneyham at the Charleston Post & Courier.

Eagle Pass Biographies (Part Two)
Blackjack Mulligan looks at some of the great West Texas characters that populated his promos and imagination in the 1970s and 1980s. Don't miss Part One, either.

The Mid-Atlantic / Georgia Championship Wrestling Talent Exchange
Stars from each of the territories made several visits across territorial lines. A fascinating look at Augusta, GA in 1977, as well as Charlotte and other towns in the Mid-Atlantic area that were involved. Currently a six part series with more to come.

Locally filmed pro wrestling footage to air on WWE Network
George Pantas discusses 8mm film footage he shot in the Norfolk area in the 1970s that is now popping up on the WWE Network.

Coming Soon!
● How Johnny Valentine's 1000 Silver Dollars Doubled! With CLASSIC audio clips.
● Close Encounters with the Ten Pounds of Gold
● At the Ranch (And in the Mud!)