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Mid-Atlantic TV Report: September 25, 1982

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
on the WWE Network
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
TV Summaries & Reviews
by David Taub
Mid-Atlantic Gateway Contributor

This is a review of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling as it appeared on the WWE Network. Results are included for the week (Monday-Sunday of the given week) as available. Please email with any corrections, typos, results, other details at Follow @TaubGVWire

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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Original broadcast: 9/25/82
(taped 9/22/82 at WPCQ-TV studios in Charlotte)
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Match 1
Dory Funk, Jr. d. Mike Davis; 
The show starts with action already in the ring. Tommy Young is the referee for the hour. Caudle says this is a special match, a $100,000 challenge match. An inset shows Caudle holding up the check, written out to Davis, if he should win. Davis has to pin Funk within a 10-minute time limit. Funk is using mostly forearms. He wins with the spinning toe-hold.


-Int. w/Bob Caudle: Jimmy Valiant
Jimmy says there’s no more music. No more TV title. And more Jimmy Valiant raving. He’s wearing a KISS jacket.

Match 2
Jimmy Valiant d. Jim Dalton
Short match. Valiant wins wit the elbow. No explanation of the TV title situation.


Match 3
Jay Youngblood d. Pvt. Nelson
Caudle explains that Kernodle was here, but received a telegram from Sgt. Slaughter to meet him in
Japan, and abruptly left.
What, his text messaging wasn’t working? Youngblood fights out of a Cobra Clutch and eventually wins with a chop.

-Int. w/Bob Caudle: Keith Larson
This was in lieu of local promos. Larson gives his thoughts on his upcoming match vs. Greg Valentine.


Match 4
Greg Valentine (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) d. Keith Larson
Caudle is surprised that Valentine is actually breaking clean. Not much from Larson. Valentine wins with the Figure Four.


-Int. w/Bob Caudle: Wahoo McDaniel and Jimmy Valiant
Valiant is ranting again. He is holding a part of his broken radio that was gifted to him last week. We go to a clip of Valiant vs. LeDuc for the TV title from 9/19/82 in Charlotte (although the date and location aren’t mentioned). Valiant is narrating. Valiant has LeDuc on the sleeper. In the meantime, Humperdink is on the apron, holding the radio. Schwartz argues with Humperdink. Valiant lets go to go after Humperdink and Schwartz gets knocked down, breaking the radio. LeDuc picks up the radio and whacks Valiant with the rest of the radio and scored the pin. LeDuc then destroys the rest of the radio. Valiant says he can’t bear to watch it no more.
As Valiant leaves, McDaniel tries to explain how Jimmy is feeling. He says it would be the same if he was without his golf clubs or headdress. We go to a clip from a few months ago, where Slaughter destroyed Wahoo’s headdress. He doesn’t know what Slaughter has been up to the last four weeks (since his suspension). But, Wahoo is ready.


Match 5
Mike Rotundo d. Ali Bey
Rotundo takes the match with the airplane then a pin
-Int. w/Bob Caudle: Ken Timbs & Bill White
This was in lieu of local promos. Timbs & White talked about their upcoming TV match.


Match 6
Wahoo McDaniel & Jack Brisco d. Ken Timbs & Bill White
The best part was Wahoo and White getting into a chop fest. Wahoo got the better of it. A longer match than expected, with Wahoo & Brisco winning with McDaniel delivering a vertical suplex to White.

-Int. w/Bob Caudle: Sir Oliver Humperdink, Paul Jones, Jos LeDuc and Leroy Brown
Jones is upset the fans are chanting “zero” instead of #1. Jones says they fight together. Leroy Brown, wearing a “I Am #1” hat says he still wants Steamboat. LeDuc comes out, and Humperdink presents him a new TV title belt. Humperdink shows the clip of LeDuc pinning Valiant to win the title.
LeDuc is carrying the remnants of the radio. LeDuc says the belt has two kilos of gold. It is shiny.

“So long for now!”

 * * * * * * * *

Results for the week, 9/20/16-9/26/82  
(source: Clawmaster’s Archive via Sports and Wrestling blog posted by David Baker; “Wrestling” newsletter by Joe Shedlock)

Mon., 9/20/82 Greenville, SC
Mike Rotundo d. Juan Reynosa
Ron Ritchie d. Mr. Pro
Mike Davis d. Jim Dalton
Abe Jacobs TLD Ben Alexander
Wahoo McDaniel d. Greg Valentine
Paul Jones vsd Jack Brisco
Dory Funk Jr. d. Johnny Weaver

Tue., 9/21/82 Columbia, SC
Wahoo McDaniel beat Greg Valentine
Jack Brisco beat Paul Jones
Mike Rotundo beat Dory Funk, Jr.
Porkchop Cash & King Parsons beat Juan Reynosa & Jim Dalton
Ron Richie beat Ken Timbs

Mon., 9/20/82 South Hill, VA
Keith Larsen d. Ali Bey
Jay Youngblood d. Blue Shark
Pork Chop Cash & King Parsons d. Pvt. Kernodle & Pvt. Nelson
Jimmy Valiant d. Jos LeDuc
Ricky Steamboat d. Leroy Brown

Tue., 9/21/82 Raleigh, NC
Bill White d. Keith Larsen
Mike Davis d. Ali Bey
Johnny Weaver & Jay Youngblood d. Pvt. Nelson & Pvt. Kernodle
Jimmy Valiant d. Jos LeDuc
Ricky Steamboat beat Leroy Brown

Wed., 9/22/82 Charlotte, NC; WPCQ-TV
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling:
Dory Funk, Jr. beat Mike Davis
Jimmy Valiant beat Jim Dalton
Jay Youngblood beat Pvt. Nelson
Greg Valentine beat Keith Larson
Mike Rotundo beat Ali Bey
Jack Brisco & Wahoo McDaniel beat Bill White & Ken Timbs
World Wide Wrestling:
Mike Rotundo & Jack Brisco beat Ken Timbs & Bill White
Dory Funk, Jr. & Jos LeDuc beat Ron Ritchie & Mike Davis
Jay Youngblood beat Ali Bey
Paul Jones beat Ric Benefield
Greg Valentine & Leroy Brown beat Mike Reed & King Parsons

Thu., 9/23/82 Union, SC
Ron Ritchie d. Tom Stanton
Pork Chop Cash & Kin Parsons d. Jim Dalton & Juan Reynosa
Johnny Weaver d. Pvt. Nelson
Wahoo McDaniel & Jack Brisco d. Paul Jones & Greg Valentine

Thu., 9/23/82 Winston-Salem, NC
Mike Davis TLD Ali Bey
Keith Larsen d. Bill White
Jerry Brisco & Mike Rotundo & Jay Youngblood d. Pvt. Kernodle & Leroy Brown & Gene Anderson
Jimmy Valiant d. Jose LeDuc

Sun., 9/26/82 Hampton, VA
King Parsons & Porkchop Cash d. Jim Dalton & Juan Reynosa
Jay Youngblood d. Gene Anderson
Jimmy Valiant d. Jos LeDuc
Ricky Steamboat d. Leroy Brown
Jack & Jerry Brisco d. Paul Jones & Greg Valentine