Monday, May 11, 2020

Championship Podcast: May 1, 1982
There is a new episode over at the Mid-Atlantic Championship Podcast (@MidAtlanticPod) for the May 1, 1982 episode. The show features ongoing focus on the NWA World Tag Team tournament taking place in various cities across the NWA.

By the way, we have a huge 12 part series on that NWA World Tag Team Tournament on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway that covers every known tournament in the series, with bracketing, results, and more.

And as always, we appreciate Mike Sempervive mentioning the Mid-Atlantic Gateway on the podcast. You can find links to all of their podcasts, links to the shows on the WWE Network,  as well as David Taub's ongoing show summaries on our TV & Podcast index page.

Ole Anderson confronts Angelo Mosca and Killer Khan as fans speculate what
it might be like to have two heel teams face each other in the NWA tag team tournament.

Regarding the podcast, if you're still unfamiliar (and if you are a Mid-Atlantic fan, you should be checking this great podcast out every week), Mike Sempervive and Roman Gomez  review another episode form the series that is currently available in the In-Ring/Territories section of the WWE Network. The podcast is a production of the Arcadian Vanguard Podcast Network and is available to stream on their website and anywhere else you get your podcasts (such as iTunes, etc.)

 Also available from the podcast is a special "Prelude Episode" that set the stage for the year 1982 and things to come, as well as three "bonus" episodes, one looking back at Starrcade '84, another looking at the first Clash of the Champions, and the third the other a special bio/profile of the patriarch of the Crockett promotional empire Jim Crockett, Sr.  All three of these bonus shows are excellent!

So make sure not to miss an episode and check out the Mid-Atlantic Championship Podcast, a production of the Arcadian Vanguard Podcast Network.